Wildguard: The Trailer

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This movie is just 30 seconds long, but took over 40 hours to animate.
This is the most frame-by-frame animation I've ever done in a movie.
Sorry it is so short but I honestly couldn't deal with anything longer.

The trailer itself is based on a Runescape clan, the Wilderness Guardians.
The clan is fighting deep in the wilderness when it is interrupted by a creature who has escaped its worldly confines. To understand all the objects you probably need to play Runescape, but the story is simple enough to follow.

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I play runescape

the reason for the lowish score is because its a trailer, but i decided to raise it a little for effort and because RuneScape is awesome ;)


Man i'd join your clan but i run my own. great vid

All hail the Corporeal beast

Real good, like the Corporeal beast, looked great. And to people who don't like Runescape, STFU, just because you're too lazy to level up all the skills doesn't mean the game sucks, it just means you're lazy


Very unusual how it's based on runescape, most people shy away from making videos on it, or even devoting time like you've done to making one that's good, so thats brave. I don't know how people could deduct points just because they don't like the game.
Anyway about the animation, i think it's really rather good, and very odd to see items from the game in a new style (aswell as the whole guy-in-a-skirt thing)
The sound is good and everything's smooth. I don't really like the faces though, they look too darned detailed for the surroundings (an odd thing to say)
I quite look forward to the full thing!

Looks interesting

Like how you did the faces and the enimation was good especially with the one guy turned his head.

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2.90 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2010
5:40 PM EST
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