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This is just a short FMV I made for one of my RPGmaker games. I've finally started working on it again after so long! It's called The Kids Chronicles, and it's about The Kids' pasts. This one particularly is about Akuma.

Just a quick overview of what is actually happening: Death is confining Akuma in a shadow ribbon, and so Akuma is feeling like giving up because he feels there's no way out. He's calling for Akki, his other dimension self, because just recently, Akki gave him the courage to go and rescue Kuroppoi. And he's happy that he thinks Kuroppoi has been saved. And then at the end when the Fairy Tail music starts playing, Blade (aka Tenma) comes to the rescue!

I know that still doesn't make sense unless you play the game, but oh well. I'm hoping to eventually upload the fully finished The Kids Chronicles one of these decades. Considering I only have one of the like 20-30 Kids stories done (and well, Akuma's is quite near done), I doubt it'll be finished any time soon.

Oh and I know there are a bunch of problems with this movie. Like for one part Akuma's mouth disappears, but I didn't feel like fixing that. His tears falling is a mess, also all of the "talking" parts do not even look like they're saying what the subtitles say, as well as when it's zooming out on Akuma his mouth moves like crazy. And I was too lazy to add in a credits screen. But oh well, this was just a quickie for fun. x.x;

But anyway, songs in order:
[Title:] Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Gregorian
Bible Clash by Extreme Music
Fairy Tail Main Theme by Yasuharu Takanashi

Drawn with: Photoshop(Tablet).
Colored with: Photoshop(Tablet)
Animated with: Flash.
Art and Animation (c) Sarena Kimura.
Music (c) Gregorian, Extreme Music, and Yasuharu Takanashi.
Drawing/Animating Time: About 2 hours.

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not bad

so is not the greates animation nor the longest i ever seen but hey who am i 2 talk? XD

but being serios now the story behind this scene really caught my attention and it makes it a really cool quick anmation

hum i just need 2 knw this the other dimension self did you get that idea from chrono cross?

anyway cool work best of luck with the game ^^

Sarena responds:

Thanks. ^^ The other dimension self actually did not come from Chrono Cross, although that is a great game. I sort of got inspired by Kingdom Hearts, like how Sora/Roxas are connected.

too short...

it was still ok...

Sarena responds:

It was meant to be fairly short. I just really did it for fun so I could make the whole animation all in one day.

keep it up!

nice soundtrack
ok animation
ok story, want to see more

Sarena responds:

Thanks. :D I didn't really think any other parts of the game needed to be shown through FMVs, so I'm not too sure that there will be any more animations from it, but I hope to upload the game somewhere when it's done. ^^'

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2.70 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2010
5:25 AM EST