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Our flixel submission for February.
This is Serverus' second game ever, and I think it turned out quite well.
You are a monster, and you have to save the world from falling asteroids. The one problem is that you are easily excited, and you also crush the buildings, even if you destroy the asteroids. Save the cities from the falling rocks, and yourself!

Each Monster play completely differently, from their method of destroying asteroids to their walking patterns, even how they react to their environment. Atomizer lacks friction, so be careful when you play on easiest, he tends to slide a bit. The other two also have caveats, they destroy buildings when they land, just like an asteroid had fallen.

The three monsters each have a different playstyle, so give them all a shot!

All the music here is edited from the base songs off of Mucky88's audio page. give them a listen!

*Edit* Thanks for the featured game slot!


There is a lot people are missing here

I really like this game. I don't understand what people mean by unresponsive controls. I experience no lag. Yes, there is a large difference between how fast monsters move on the ground as compared to how fast they move while jumping, etc. A turtle moves slowly. A jumping monster can't walk, he can only hop. A hovering UFO can't stop on a dime.

Also, there are differences to every level beyond the music and the background. There are "special buildings." Upon demolition of these buildings, there are changes that can make the game harder or easier. This made the game very fun for me and added great replay value.

All-in-all a great game, especially for a programmer's SECOND game. Keep going, your next game will be even better!

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its good...but:

there is never anything to build on. no new weapons or new characters. there is nothing to work for is basically what im trying to say. if you get right down to it, its just some changing backgrounds and the same thing over and over again.

I don't know why Muncho was "medium."

I thought he was a lot harder to control than the turtle one; I ended up destroying the first screen with Muncho, but the turtle? I beat the game with him. Easy. Maybe it's because he could take out more than one thing in the air, as opposed to Muncho's 1?

Anyway, enough about that. Pretty solid game, good music, and fun characters. If you do another, you could include, say, a mutant with a tank, throw in some arc shooting?

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Nothing new.

There's really nothing new about the gameplay featured in this. It looks nice and smooth, good job on that. But, not so creative on gameplay.

Fun but not so challenging

The first monster was quite boring, the second introduced a little tactics and the third lifted the whole game. It would have beed fun to see some kind of combo counter for the third monster for when you succeded in bouncing on alot of meteors without touching the ground.

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3.30 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2010
9:28 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop