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Our flixel submission for February.
This is Serverus' second game ever, and I think it turned out quite well.
You are a monster, and you have to save the world from falling asteroids. The one problem is that you are easily excited, and you also crush the buildings, even if you destroy the asteroids. Save the cities from the falling rocks, and yourself!

Each Monster play completely differently, from their method of destroying asteroids to their walking patterns, even how they react to their environment. Atomizer lacks friction, so be careful when you play on easiest, he tends to slide a bit. The other two also have caveats, they destroy buildings when they land, just like an asteroid had fallen.

The three monsters each have a different playstyle, so give them all a shot!

All the music here is edited from the base songs off of Mucky88's audio page. give them a listen!

*Edit* Thanks for the featured game slot!


huge bug

Was ok but then got to level 2 and had no asteroids crash in to the town, but then suddenly it went to the game over screen.

ickmiester responds:

Were you using either Pulycylop or Muncho (turtle or yello dude?) If so, you may want to look out for landing on the buildings after you jump up. When you land, you crush buildings just like an asteroid had hit. You may have actually destroyed the whole town yourself accidentally and gotten a game over.

I like it

only improvements I would add is maybe a bonus unlockable character maybe smtin like a snake like thing that isn't bound to the ground? and sometimes the turtle flew off the screen so it would be nice to know where he is when he's offscreen like maybe make a marker or smtin to show where he is? and maybe not for the space ship but it would be nice if you showed where the next meteors were coming from (a radar on the side maybe?) other than that it's a cool game=)

ickmiester responds:

Thanks much for the suggestions! We were originally planning on having a marker for when the turtle flew off the screen, but we actually ran out of time with flixel february coming to a close. We never even talked about radar, we'll keep that in mind for future games.


Not great for control accuracy, and I was bored after the first level, even trying each monster.

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ickmiester responds:

Well thats too bad. you never got to see the crumbling Mao statues, or watch the angry mob be chased off by tanks. You never even got to play around with low gravity on the moon.

Nice concept, but...

The game was ruined by VERY poor controls. Playing as the UFO, it was virtually impossible to position it to where I could shoot the asteroids, as it would conveniently slide over the exact spot I needed it to stop at.

Muncher wasn't any better as I could only ever get him to move while in the air, and even then it was difficult getting him to not go from one side of the screen to the other. His jump height also seemed to vary, and the fact that he crushed buildings with every landing didn't help either.

The easiest one to play with was, ironically the hardest monster, Polycylop. He would actually move and he had a nifty jump scheme, and his super weapon wasdefinitely the msot helpful of the three. However, like the muncher, he crushes buildings when he lands, making gameplay a bit more difficult than it should be.

Good idea, like I said. but the only monster that actually pulled it off was the turtle. So the game was completely ruined for me by bad controls.

ickmiester responds:

Well, that is how we intended the monsters to act.

A frictionless UFO isnt going to be able to excecute pinpoint turns, a 1 legged monster physically cannot walk smoothly. Thanks for giving it a run anyways though, glad you tried all the monsters!

not bad....not bad

not bad , actually it's a very good idea , but i got some things
gameplay : 7/10
music 9/10
characters 10/10
originality 7/10
graphics 10/10
adiction 7/10
with the UFO its too much easy and boring , and with the medium it's pretty hard because u destroy the buildings everytime u fall in a building later ate a meteorite -1
ok seeing all it's an 8 , with the -1 it's a 7 , good game ;)

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3.30 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2010
9:28 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop