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Finna (Fudda Pt. 2)

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Make sure to watch part 1 first!

And if you enjoyed this, check out part 3:

Also, if you liked it, you can check out a semi-related animation that takes place before both of these:

So, this is the direct sequel to Fudda. It takes place literally seconds after the end of that animation. It's short, but I didn't have much time to work on it and I simply wanted to throw out a few more jokes I had about the Fudda/Finna issue. I'm thinking about doing one last short part to tie up the storyline before moving on to bigger and better animations. By the way, this short "series" is an explosion of inside jokes, so I'm sorry if everything doesn't make sense. After the next part, I'll try to have more universal jokes.

The animation is really short, so I made a lot of extras to make up for it if you guys enjoyed it. There are two hidden Easter Eggs, by the way!
Runtime (w/o credits): 1:44
Extras Runtime: 9:48

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I think it's echoed in other reviews but the voice acting was mediocre. It felt as though the teacher was doing a little bit better than someone who could read it off a paper; there's some emotion but not enough to fit the animation, you know what I mean? Seems like you got Critikal to read it most times.

The back-and-forth jokes would've been better a little faster.

Very good

I really like you style of animation, especially things like the walk cycles.
But when you animate something that is moving really fast, and you do that 'swoosh' visual effect, it looks a bit odd, and I can notice it in most of your animations.
I suggest speeding up the 'swoosh' parts a bit more; for example, when he runs out of the room, that could be like 3 or 4 frames instead of 8.

Anyway, I did like it, the ending was really funny.

Aqlex responds:

Yeah, I agree it could be a bit faster. I animate at 18 fps for some unknown reason, so I always make things last a little too long. I like 18 though, because it's just enough frames per second without looking laggy, but saving me a bunch of drawing time. Thanks for the review xD. I watched a bunch of your stuff too, and I really like your style as well.


I liked Fudda and I like Finna, but I think you have squeezed all the humour out of the Finna Fudda series. But Good animations but, the voice actors could be better and better quality mics.

Aqlex responds:

Yeah originally it was meant to be one animation. Then I came up with an idea for Finna, then I got an idea for Fitta, and now I have ideas for another two parts! BUT, the 5th part is a conclusion to the series, so at least I'm stopping myself from making more parts beyond that point. Thanks for the review dude! I'm trying to improve my voice acting skills =P

Good stuff.

Nice animation. Mr. Youth's voice still isn't as good as it could be though.

Aqlex responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. But he's working on it!


Yeah...don't let me stop you from making more stuff, okay? I mean, I thought that you used all potential jokes revolving around the concept, but you kind of still got it to work for you. Steaming hot Canadian pork? WHAT??? Funny.

I watched all the extras and...um...okay...kind of some useless stuff (outtakes were out of context and strange) but entertaining overall (never knew what all those words meant).

So yeah, good submission, not as bad as I thought it could be. Yeah. Yeah...

Aqlex responds:

Haha don't worry, you wouldn't stop me from making stuff xD. I'm kinda surprised I continued to make it all work. And yeah, I know there's some useless stuff in the extras, I'm just a bit of a pack-rat with all the working files of my animations, and I always feel like I should release all these extras to the public, because otherwise they're just going to waste. Thanks for the review dude! =)