Keyboard Mayhem

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So you can type 5 Points

Complete game on Easy

Keyboard pro 10 Points

Score 13,000

Secretary 10 Points

Complete game on Medium

Cliff keeper 25 Points

Complete game on Hard

Keyboard Master 25 Points

Score 14,000

Godly twitch 50 Points

core 15,000

Skitzo 50 Points

Complete game on Skitz

J. Fox syndrome 100 Points

Score 16,000

Author Comments

Put your touch typing skills to the ultimate test. Type in the random words and letters to defeat the Boss, and drive him to the edge of a cliff!

This is a squeal to my Don't Eat Me game. This however is far better in every way. Enjoy and have fun! Win those Medals!


Am I the only one having trouble?

Sometimes it will say I pressed keys when I didn't or didn't press keys when I did. Other times I can't input letters at all. Perhaps you could try to find out the problem and fine tune this a little?

decent word game but needs improvement

e.g. : subit score

D-SuN responds:

It does.


its hard but a good game

easy needs to be fixxed

but it was a excellent game.

It's alright. Definitely of quality.

The one thing I liked were the first few levels when it was words you had to type. It was fun, but a little easy. I just went higher and higher, but then all of a sudden it turned into random letters. It didn't become about how good a typer you were, and more about how well you can mash on the keyboard. After that point I couldn't win once, and the difficulty did a 180 degree turn.

Another problem was with the words themselves. They were good for the difficulty level, but there were so few. I typed the same word over several times. You might want to add more words into the game to type. Not only that, but your going to want to not rely on randomly jabbing keys for higher difficulties. Instead move up to bigger and more complex words, or perhaps for a super challenge go for foreign words. It would add some longevity.

Then maybe as a bonus mode, or some sort of alternate gameplay mode you can type random letters and see how fast you can do it. Although I suggest moving the monster back a little bit for this mode. As it is he moves way to fast, and before I can find one or two keys he is on me. They just don't push him back far enough. I would need like a constant stream of letters to beat him back.

Sound was good and while not varied there was quality to it. The music track was catchy and fit the theme, but I wish one or two more songs could be added. Would make things better.

As for the animation and art, both are good. While not unique or notably above and beyond the call of duty on quality they were good. Although perhaps a few different stages to fight in just to shake things up a notch.

Overall it works, and is of good quality in both art and animation. It slacks behind in the actual game, but I am probably just being nit picky. If I could I would give it a 7 1/2, but I will just round up to 8. I know the next one will be amazing if you could rectify some of these problems.

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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2010
1:00 AM EST
Skill - Typing
  • Daily 5th Place February 27, 2010