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Fall Fast 10 Points

On 'Difficulty Increased' level, fall out of the purple gate instead of walk.

Just Made It 10 Points

Make it through a purple gate just as it's closing

Death Medal 25 Points

Die 50 times

Hero 50 Points

Complete the game

500th Flip 100 Points

Rotate the screen 500 times

Super Hero 100 Points

Complete the game without dying

Author Comments

Test both your physical and mental skills in this challenging puzzle platformer, where direction seems to be only a point of view...


*EDIT: Though I don't know what on earth was causing the infamous level skipping bug, I believe I've fixed the issue. Hopefully you won't experience this again and I hope for you to have a nice bugless time playing this time round. If the problem should occur again please let me know.

Shift Hold medal has been disabled.


that was way cool

but it needs like a saving thing so you dont start over kay okay

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for some reason when i rotated i was rotated out of the map, onto the exterior of the map, i jumped and the screen remained looking at nothing but a planet.

finding a bug has made me happy. not to say, a pretty cool bug. hence the 10 stars.

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a few major bug and a few annoyances

As someone stated before, there is no way to rotate the screen on the last level, thus making the game unbeatable. I also found the lack of progress saving to be slightly annoying. Usually games like this include a level selection screen, yours does not. If you reload this game, you have to start over from the beginning. Overall, its not bad, but it's not terribly interesting either. I also found the control scheme to be flawed. It was uncomfortable trying to press shift and control my character at the same time. I usually held shift constantly so I could see the level around me at all times, but my fingers would get tired of reaching for the keys while holding shift. Perhaps you could, instead of holding shift for extended periods of time, have players simply press shift to switch between views. (press once to zoom out, press again to zoom back in) and just remove the Shift Hold medal all together (not like its a big loss). Well, I'll let you decide what to do.

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This is such a cool game.

This was rather awesome, I must say.

It's a lot like an idea of a game that I saw some other guy making about some crazy circus thing... Awesome mechanics!

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Style is not bad, the gameplay is very cool, and the game makes you think, but sometimes the game becomes incredibly boring

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2010
5:19 PM EST
Puzzles - Other