FF6 Terra's Theme Piano

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My attempt to try several things at once. This is a slightly animated video of FF6's Terra/Tina, with some lyrics to the song. The piano piece comes from auriplane (http://www.youtube.com/u ser/auriplane), used with permission (by permission I mean "yoink"). Definitely check out her original piece located at http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=B1daMl3EWt0
*Apparently NG likes to break links, so delete the spaces contained within them when copy and pasting.

Time of production was one day to do all the vocals and animation.

Original Artwork: Yoshitaka Amano
Original Music: Nobuo Uematsu

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Not to sound rude, mean, smug, sarcastic, snide or anything else people usually accuse me of in real life, but in what language was this sung in? I ask because this is what it sounded like to me:

All around me (Niru?)
In this white somewhere
All around me (Niru?)
A hero sang (Out rose a song?)
On a raging storm (A nation raising arms?)
Or somewhere safer (A sumi sonar?)
Through the lands
You and me, me and you (me and Rune?)

Again, I mean no offense, and I honestly want to know the lyrics. (I've heard the original song and it doesn't seem to have lyrics.) Thanks.

Beautiful Animation!!!

You should work for Final Fantasy Games at this rate!!! Don't make another Final Fantasy XIII however... I'm sure the guys over there at Square Enix are brilliant, but just lacked creativity at that time... don't end up doing that!! Your artwork are all very original and creative!! Keep it up!! I especially love StarWish!!

Love it! :D

It sounds perfect... I love it! Good job! =^.^=


So sad.

Damn, the music is perfect and sad. It makes me teary listening to it. Great job.


i own Final Fantasy III where she first starts at on ORIGINAL CONSOLE!!!!! (not the Wii store stuff) p.s. awesome story

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Feb 25, 2010
2:49 PM EST
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