Coal Runner

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Race to find the main brain and destroy this mine for good!

I started making this game early last year, I was finally able to actually finish it. It has a sonic type feal to it. There is a finally boss which will probably be tricky to beat; i wont tell you the secret to beating him. Hope you enjoy it....


Simple and fun.

Not very complex. The controls were simple, took a bit to get used to the hovering. Music score was terrific. Overall, very fun. Keep up the good work.

Was okay... Not my kinda fun, though..

The game gives plenty of options for computers, though. high,med,low qual sound on off and smoke, which I appreciate; due to being on my mom's 5 year old Dell... Thanks.

Onto the review:
The controls were pretty solid for what type of game it was. I would have liked to see more than one speed (physics speed IE: Going downhill makes you faster). That being said, would have been cool to have the jumps kind of give you more lip to jump higher or farther(physics again).
Main thing I wished for was something else other than just rolling forward (and backwards sometimes). It would have been cool if we had to collect some coal or diamonds, etc...

I played for about 5-10 min. And This is a solid game so far. Not my type of game, so I didn't push any farther than mushroom caves(chomp chomp HAHA)
3(.5)/5 For not being my type of game, but it's not a bad game. I'm sure more people find it entertaining.

On the good, though:
I loved the hovering ability! Great use of hovering! Implement it in another game! Good stuff!

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jjwallace responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the great review. I did have something in there to collect but i took it out. I wanted to try and attempt to make a game with no points or score. I guess it kinda worked but the next one i make will probably have lots of stuff to collect. The physics engine was not perfect and took me a lot of hours to get to work like it did. The jumping for lips and ramps should have been better and i hope i can get it down for the sequel. I will put hovering in more games :-),
thanks again,

fun, if a bit frustrating

this game was fun as hell, i was expecting a sort of "mine cart level" feel to it, which it sorta pulled off, buti don't think that was what you were goin' for anyway.
it was fun to play but it was frustrating in the way that it almost felt clunky becasue the platform's bounderies were unclear, and then if you hit the platform wrong it would get in a strop and fling you right off trackm, confusing and quite aggravating, also your enemies, which were clearly not being touched at the time, will hurt you, so you MUST get hurt at certain times. oh, and those health restores? oh come on, difficult to get to and nigh un pointless, not enough health restored for teh amount you lose with bad guys etc.
it was fun though, don't get me wrong, but could have been better, it felt very unfinished.

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I especially like the look of this game. It's quasi-retro, if that makes any sense? Sound is awesome, level design is great, the premise is original, and it's easy to start playing. The controls are a bit touchy like some people have said, but the game is all about mastering the control, so it fits in well. My only beef is holding both arrows to hover-maybe just have a dedicated hover button? Anyway, really solid game. I'd love to see a sequel (maybe with different vehicles with slightly different handling characteristics??)

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Very Fun

Great effort! The only issue I have is the controls. Sometimes, it's extremely hard to control yourself. Aside from that, the game is great fun and has a very fast pace to it.

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3.64 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2010
1:40 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other