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Arrow Keys = Navigation, Plane switching, upward movement
Space = Select, Main Spell
Z, X = potions
C, V = Spells

This was my first major flash project.
It was originally a game I had to make for a school assignment. I recently did some work on it, fixing some imbalances and redoing the graphics so that they were my own.

As it is my first flash game, comments, suggestions and feedback are GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Please notify me of any bugs.

Enjoy :)

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The concept is nice

...but you should have a different key for "up" that doesn't instantly switch the plane as well. It's also retarded that the little wizard doesn't just stay up after letting go of the upwards arrow key. Besides, what does planeshifting even provide for benefits and cons? That should be explained, if there even is anything.

DrBernie responds:

thanks for your input :)
I agree with the key being annoying, the game was originally going to allow basic movement, but I ran out of time.
As for benefits and cons, space allows you to reach the flying enemies, ice regenerates mana, earth heals you faster, fire burns you but also burns enemies.
I'll work on that being explained in-game better and being a much more prominent part of the game.

Pretty Decent

It seems like basic fun gameplay, VERY good for your first flash project! It did get confusing at some times, and some enemies would not die even though I probably hit them 10 times. One last item to improve, whenever you return to the menu it returns you to the pre-menu advertisement.

DrBernie responds:

thanks for the review!
The little yellow enemies of the space plane are immune to attacks there, but there also exists some bugs with projectiles going through enemies. This is mainly because of how the graphic sizes changed when I swapped them. I'll fix this soon.
Thanks for the pre-menu reminder, I forgot to fix that :P

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2010
6:29 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight