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A Statement To Newgrounds

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Feb 25, 2010 | 6:11 AM EST

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So I decided to make a flash that honors Newgrounds, and its founders the Fulp brothers, Tom and Wade. The Newgrounds Audio Portal has such great music, that its just not worth taking for granted. This is why I want people to copy and paste a phrase in quotes when reviewing their favorite songs on the Newgrounds audio portal.

"Just say NO to radio, and say YES to Newgrounds!


I have had a sneaking suspicion that ClearChannel has brainwashed the populous into dishonoring Newgrounds. Newgrounds needs to improve upon its shortcomings by 2015.

Personally, there is no song from the billboard charts that I like that was made since 2001. It I don't hear any new chart toppers by 2015; then it means that its the end of music as we know it. That is why we gotta get some dance clubs to sponsor Newgrounds and play music from Newgrounds.



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in the past, i've been one who's written asking you to stop posting video in the flash portal, while i still don't agree that just because you change the format of your file, that it makes what you submit flash, i do however agree with your message, because i love the audio portal too, and agree that it is an easy, free way to create & share ideas with others.

as far as some of your comments, with adobe being greek to you, that's nobody elses problem but your own... it's great that you want to promote newgrounds, and want to appeal to a larger 'demographic', but still, this is the wrong format, as again, despite that you've changed the format, it isn't true flash, i'd recommend collaborating with someone who does make flash, and then submit something...

~peace to you too


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I like radio and audio portal so I'm gonna have to disagree. have you heard the journey- orbiter .it is epic!


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Unclear on what to rate.

I'll be nice here...

You may give a nice presentation, but I have recommendations....

It's good that you have your style of making flash movies, but it would have been better had you used flash for this. I say this for these reasons...

If you animated this, pauses and periods of time when you had to think would seem more natural.

You could use a microphone or something to record your voice in the best way possible. In front of the camera, you did it in all one shot. For just doing it, it was professionalish, but it would be better like I said, using flash.

You could add more stuff like B-role (stuff that takes the video off of you to something more explanatory or entertaining) to keep our attention.

Your point may be valid, but all we know of you is that you are a NG user. Not many people will value your opinion.

Overall, it's a nice announcement, but as a submission, you need a preloader, and a replay button.

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while i applaud clinton for his niceties and sharing his view of newgrounds, i think that this is just more annoying and pointless than anything. My advice to him and anyone else who wants to do this, either make it into a fun and awesome flash like everthing else on the site, or make the vidoe cool, don't just stand their vlogging.

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Absolutely Brilliant!

This has got to be one of my favorite submissions this week!

Although you make a lot of good points, watching you give your speech is like watching an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. I don't know whether to take it seriously, laugh my ass off, or feel awkward and uncomfortable.

I really hope this doesn't get blammed, because it's awesome!

Great Job!

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