metal slug outbreak

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its a metal slug batle i did my 1 one actually took me time so dont be hard and if anyone can tell were to get better audio plz tell me the audio was kinda lame :S note the replay button doesnt work :S



hey yo que tu mejoraria eso

was ok...

could've been better...


it definately dosent deseve to be blamed because
allot of effort has gone in to it and you're probly new to flash
and you've learnt spirites. but it's not great
don't give up

Decent video, sub-par audio

I liked the visuals on this one. They're true to the Metal Slug name. You failed in a few areas though, particularly the audio. It was annoying and repetitive, which made it more annoying. Try to put in some different (maybe more realistic) audio for the gunfire and explosions. Inserting audio for the speech wouldn't hurt either. Another thing, the video seemed kinda short and somewhat unbelievable. If you were going for a reenactment of the Normandy invasion this seems a little unbalanced. Its a good start but it could use a bit of work.

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Amateurish presentation of solid art.

Your decent sense for perspective and placement is serving you pretty well here to make some rather expansive scenes without distracting the viewer from the action. That's a problem I see in a lot of newbie sprite movies, compliments for handling this one so well. There's potential here.

That said... as you mention in your own comments, yes, the audio IS lame. The sound effect you're using for gunfire is terrible to start with, it sounds more like some kind of tacky science fiction blaster. Looping the same sound effect over and over like that is also a bad idea with almost -any- sound effect. I'd suggest that you get a few clips of actual full-auto fire and keep the sound of machineguns firing in stuttered bursts, breaking those up with a few background explosions. Semi-auto weapons likewise ought to fire a little irregularly, not to a perfect repetitive beat. A background drone of softer, distant gunfire interspersed with loud foreground shots would similarly help to break up the monotony. The experienced animators here may be able to link you some sources on actual Metal Slug sounds, hopefully. Failing that you may try any of the utilities people use to rip sound from internet video - there are plenty of LP or speedrun videos of Metal Slug games to harvest, or even demonstrations of actual firearms.

Also, in your opening scene. the sprites meant for soldiers lying on the ground really don't work for corpses underwater, and I'm trying to figure out what's happening in the beach landing. Are people coming off of a boat that somehow bugged and doesn't display? Supposed to be coming out from the water? Either way, needs to be fixed. I suspect the latter, in which case you absolutely need to find or create some kind of splash effect to show them surfacing so we know what's going on. If you can't do that, I'd suggest that you just scrap that idea, show us one of those boats landing and forces storming off instead. Showing dialogue as floating text with no bubble then switching later to bubbles was also awkward. The bubbles work better, update the intro with them. Also, if you're embarrassed to use profanity then just don't use it. Censoring yourself just looks juvenile.

In several scenes you have a number of characters standing around doing nothing and this looks awkward in several cases. Just taking a little extra time to show them firing potshots in the background or anything else like that would make these scenes look much more natural.

A whole lot about this is sloppy but it's also good in a couple of key respects that a number of other sprite animators miss. I really would like to see you clean it up and develop that potential.

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Feb 24, 2010
4:17 PM EST