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unearth 2

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this game was made for cafecafegames.com and is the second in a 4 part series enjoy

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WTF did I just play? First off, lemme say the music was probably the most annoying I've ever heard in a game. Thankfully there was a mute button. Secondly, the puzzles make absolutely no sense (as pearljam23 has already covered in post below). Even after consulting the walkthrough, the player is still left with a sense of "HUH?".

As usual

Great work


Ok so, first of all I really do like point and click adventures. However, I cannot say that I enjoyed this one in the slightest.

The flow was poor, example: using the wand thing on the grate, this was hard to figure out, but maybe adding some screws or rivets, and turning the wand into a screwdriver (seeing as thats how its used later) might help.

Also, the codes, Oh the codes..... for anyone who toughed it out through this, my hat is off to you, I needed to use that evil walkthrough button. I thought it was clever how you inputed the code into the screen/ball thing that correlated to the location of the computer the code was retrieved from.

HOWEVER, there was no inclination within the game of were you should input each number. because there is no where in the game that it says this, the player is left to try the seemingly limitless combinations at random! Pointless and a waist of time. Next time add in some sort of diagram hidden somewhere nearby, or scratched on the wall depicting the correct order of input.

More criticism: Charging the wand/screwdriver in the sink?!?! there is no way to know these two objects are linked in the slightest!!

Blue + Red + Green does not = green. Next time study a color wheel, and use primary colors as your base, this will make a logic based puzzle, something we can all enjoy.

The usb thing and the electricity panel were good, probably the only reason I gave this game a star.

Your idea of needing to fix the elevator was good, but how it was done made almost no sense, as well as how in the vent/teleporter, touching a random rivet teleports you?? again, try making it follow logic and reason a little more.

ex: having grates be on same walls, (instead of opposite, there is no way to know at this point its a flying saucer, so it made no sense) just different floors. and maybe have only one vent/teleporter room.

I could go on, and on, but like this game, I have lost readers before they have finished because I drolled on and on.

Im sorry if this is harsh, but its honest.