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Brick Yard 2

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Use mouse to pick up and drop bricks. A and D (or mouse wheel, or left and right) rotate the brick. Hold down shift for smaller steps. W and S (or up and down) scroll the screen when yellow scroll arrows are visible.

Unlockables (new shapes and disasters)! Achievements!

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Feedback Compared to Brick Yard 1

Well starting the game I noticed the theme had changed greatly, I find myself wanting the old gritty style that was presented in the past Brick Yard game. I also miss the choices of materials, I thought that gave the game a bit more character for the player. The new theme I must say I didn't quite fancy, but that is only my personal tastes getting in the way, I'm not huge on cartoon based graphics just because it takes away from the audience's compatibility.

As for the game itself, there are some new elements that I enjoyed, but some that I dearly missed; the first game was very simple and had a pretty decent variety in terms of game modes as it was, the level was kept the same but the elements were different, which is what I enjoyed the most from the original.

The second installment here, however, changes from each scenario a bit too drastically at times compared to the original. I think if we kept the same Brick Yard, and added more elements and background choices, but kept the bare foundation the same, it would have made a world of difference.

I see where you went with this, and it's a good start, but I still feel that this is too much of a different game from the original, almost as if it just retained its guts so to speak, but the rest was completely changed. Which would be fine, but in my own personal opinion, I still miss the original Brick Yard and will be going back to that one more so than I will this one for these simple reasons.

I still enjoy the game, don't get me wrong, you're programming and development skills as well as your complex innovations that you implement into your new games are executed very well, and I enjoy that very much so. But I still miss the old Brick Stacker, I hope you can get where I am trying to come across with this.

So to conclude this review; the only improvements I could ask for is to take the original Brick Yard, implement the new features of the new Brick Yard into the original, but keep the theme and the setting the same, which is what made the original so good in the first place, and is why after about a year it still has me playing it just to kill time or relax when I have too much to think about.

As for where you hit on this game, the various elements are done very well, the different background keeps the game 'fresh,' and the controls seem a bit more fluid. The lag and delay from the first one is gone, but that seems to be just because there are less bricks to use in one sitting.

Which leaves me to provide you with a 4/5 and an 8/10, for continuing this series I must grant you this much as well as your contributions to making it more and more innovative with every release. I hope this helps!

ttursas responds:

Thanks! I have to agree with you, we wanted to innovate, but perhaps took the innovations too far. But don't worry, we'll be making at least one more Brick Yard later this year, and it'll go back to its roots. :)

Amazing, new approach to the BY series...

I have been eagerly anticipating this release for quite a while now. While my initial reaction was less than enthused (what, only one type of block texture? this volcano level is impossible) I soon saw it for what it was...a totally new take on the game. I really enjoyed the challenges of the airbourne levels (though to be honest, those blocks smashing into my 300+ tower creates general pissed-offedness) and the winter levels are also a fun approach as well. I haven't even unlocked all the levels yet (very excited and curious to see what the other disasters are like).

All in all I say it is another fantastic game from ttursas. WHY this hasn't made front page yet is beyond me. This game really needs more attention and reviews/fans! Very excited to see more sequels to this game, hopefully with more new disasters and level styles!

Excellent work, my friend!

ttursas responds:

Haha, thanks! :) We experiemented with different block textures that would also change the properties of the blocks themselves, but as long as all blocks used the same texture type (and properties) it really didn't matter much. Yeah, this is not as freely playable as the original BY, but we wanted to make it more game like. Oh well, you can't always win.


not bad. i'd only complain that sometimes some pieces' notches would sort of lock into other pieces or objects instead of sliding in and out like i'd expect. sometimes that can actually help me, but if it wasn't intended, i wanted you to know.
i really don't think there's anything tremendously wrong with this game.


i expected something more original..

it's good.. but.. i don't know..
i kinda feel that i have played this game somewhere else..

ttursas responds:

Well, Brick Yard 2 is based on the feedback and feature requests we got from players here on Newgrounds (mixed with some of our ideas). So I could say that this is what you people requested. ;)

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4.02 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2010
12:19 PM EST