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Hot Diggety Dog

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Hi! I'm Malcolm Christiansen, a student in Vancouver Film School's Game Design program. This is my group's Term 4 Flash Game project, created in six weeks by four people with almost no prior Flash experience. I was the main coder, so any bugs you encounter (and they ARE there,) are all my fault. The game's a way from being perfect (I'm going to be working to fix that,) but I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish.

As I said, I was responsible for the coding on this project. Gord Cooper was responsible for sound, Francisco Isaza Diaz was in charge of the interface, and Travis Wilson was the man what did all the art.

Here's the game's story:

An outbreak of people being accidentally buried alive has hit the sprawling metropolis of Sprawling Metropolis City! As Rufus, a jetpack equipped, man hunting hound, you have been charged with sniffing out and rescuing the wrongfully interred. On your way down, use your Sniff Radar to track down the key to the coffin, but avoid the perils that subterranean travel offers - live volcanoes and loudmouth badgers are a few of the perils you'll face on your way to victory. But remember, keep an eye on the clock - there's only so much air in that coffin, and time's running out!

Again, this is my first Flash game ever (though I definitely intend to make more,) so it's rough around the edges. All the same, we all worked really hard and I hope you enjoy it!


Good but not great.

I like the graphics, concept, game idea, and pretty much everything, but I don't like the game.

The humor in the instructions was cute, and I liked the general feel of the game, but like you said in your description, this game is extremely glitchy. I think you should work on making that a little better and try resubmitting it. Maybe expand it and add more levels too.

buggy as hell

nice idea, shame that it doesn't work - AT ALL. No movement, no digging, no reaction what so ever. Also, random graphic of the dog floating on the menu screen perfectly still in mid air? pretty sure thats not meant to be there.

some serious issues. sort them!

gentlemanofleisure responds:

Currently you just need to click the game window again after hitting "Play" from the main menu.

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2.34 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2010
3:36 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling