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strawberry clock starts a television shopping program!

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-This definitely isn't your usual line of work but the effort you put into an animation is greatly appreciated among newgrounds obviously since this was able to get a pretty decent score. The drawings aren't the best but they are passable work and they seem very befitting of how clock movies usually are.

-Animation isn't the greatest either but it's still pretty good and it gets the job done as far as keeping the viewer entertained. The random items that you could buy in the story were pretty staple things for the clock crew and even put a little humor into some of the members.

-The audio is probably the best thing about this animation. It's really catchy and the japanese style was cool to see being used. If you didn't include subtitles I would of been lost but you at least thought about that and included them. Great job with this and i'd love to see you make more good flashes in the future.

-Review Request Club


While the graphics and animation in this are an obvious let down, I was really impressed with this submission, probably because of its high-quality and surprisingly catchy audio. Maybe it's just because I'm an audio person myself, I don't know, but I for one enjoyed the flash quite a bit. Nice job!

The graphics weren't too good. Sure, it's the style of the clock crew, but considering a high level of humour and great audio, I think that all this needs is better graphics. It's why I gave you a 9 and not a 10, to be honest. Animation was also a bit rough or bland at times, which is another bummer. Still, what the heck, I suppose they weren't horrible, and everything else in the submission was great.

I usually dedicate this paragraph to a storyline (or gameplay if it's a game), but since this has virtually no storyline, I suppose I'll comment on the humour, and I must say that I was impressed. The flash in general was really random, but had some stuff that made me laugh out loud, such as the 0 being added at the end of some prices, some ridiculously high prices here and there, etc... Humour's definitely a highlight of the submission.

The audio was also superb. It was good quality, and even though the whole thing was in Japanese (it is Japanese... right? Man I fail at languages) I still enjoyed the audio. It was catchy and fit extremely well with the submission. Voice acting was good too (or at least the tones in the voice *sounded* good anyway, I can't be too sure since it's in another language). Thank goodness you had subtitles :D.

Anyway, all in all, this is very good. I enjoyed the flash from beginning to end, and if you could work on the graphics and/or animation, this would be perfect in my eyes. Keep up the great work! :).

-Review Request Club-

Random and amusing

Ok so this one was cute, the menu screen before the main event heh, always nice to see a little something before the actual show so nice job there with the flying ghost? now while its an ok menu i think you still need some sorta "LOGO" there about the flash that is about to play and such, but anyways onto the film, Wow i must say this is a funny little flash you have here, now first off the "AUDIO" seemed so perfect for this, especially the way you animated the characters, to really reflect off the music so really awsome job, i think i will ad this one to my faves just because of that, but anyways, Haha well i had a really fun time watching and reviewing this, you added lots of color and joy, the music really put this in a new perspective of a joyish toon, and the art was very smooth and refreshing, in the end this kept a smile on my face, and makes me want to watch more of your tunes, so i do plan to watch more especially if they are like this, anyways as to improve on this one? well keep the same style and make more wacky stuff like this, i did think you should have had more funny and random stuff happening infact even adding more "CC CHARACTERS" would have been nice, anyways nice work once again, it was a pleasure to review.

Make more random stuff happen, and add more clock crew characters within your flashes.

A funny and random flash which will take you on its own adventure, hope you all like it as much as i did.


This is my favorite

This is my favorite movie of yours I like it the best even though there isn't a cat in it which means you're straying from your usual beaten path and experimenting THAT'S GOOD FLEX YOUR CREATIVITY AND OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW POSSIBILITIES!!!!


A beautifully shot film that contains equal measures of style and pizazz.

k3ltr0n responds:

thanks sarezjay you are the best!

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3.66 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2010
12:05 AM EST