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Da Jazz Method

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The Jazz Method is a method of intense anger, ADD and way too much Koolaid.

No, but foreal, this is my 2010 Demo Reel.

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Dude bring back Devil Slayer!

awesome animation

the animation was sick, but the frame rate was a bit low, or at least it wasn't as smooth as it could've been. lack of plot was also lame but i get that it's a showreel

Not bad, could be better with some work.

Awesome action sequences. I enjoyed the first two, but the last one seemed as though it was missing a bunch of parts and pieces. For example they would be hitting each other one second, then out of no where it would skip to a completely different fight sequence, and that was the way the whole last fighting sequence went. But overall the animation was good, and the entertainment value was high.

Although I'm sure you've gotten much better at animation since this was created in 2010. Keep on it and your animations will only get better.


i have nothing to say...just amazing ...

Wow... Just wow...

This was fucking awesome!!! That scene with that guy controlling the ground with the knife??? That is awesome creativity right there, great work. :)