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This is a story about a young man living in the comics world, who suddenly finds himself at the center of an incredible and dangerous situation...
Being on a comic book cover, all you have to do to fight the enemies is using onomatopoeias: for instance, write SOCK to give a punch, BANG to fire, etc...anyway, if you need help about this you'll find it in the comics world as well!
In this game we tried to adopt a sort of motion-comics visual style.
A suggestion: helping the protagonist coming out of this situation and understanding what's happening could require more than one play...
Please, enjoy it!


Fantastic and innovative game!

This game is great; the idea of making something between comics and games is wonderful and original, and you realized it very well.
The graphics and the design are very beautiful. The story makes you feel to be there and it has that comics' taste which I like very much. The gameplay is also at a high level and the characters' animations perfecty express the fight with those villains.
You did very good! I'm waiting for your next game!


Amazing games getting submitted today, this was brilliant, can't think of any other comic book words though, origonal idea well executed.

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I agree with Redazrael. I am down to just the robot and the tough guy. based on what the robot says I assume he is supposed to be used as a weapon. I can't find the command maybe I missed one but the only things that seem to work on him are splash and sploosh and nothing seems to work on the tough guy.

(SPOILER!) To defeat the others:
"Crash" the hobo and blue suit first
Elephant: "Squeak"
Swat: "Snap"
Chick with gun: "splash" robot then "crash" her
"Crash" everyone else.

That will leave you with just tough guy and robot. And the guy in the window whom you can click on but I can't get a bubble on him.

Yeah I have wasted enough time trying to figure this out. There are too many commands that do the same thing, and some of them don't make much sense. I think that the difficulty in this game is that you threw in a ton of useless commands with the 5 or so that you actually need. Otherwise I think it is fun. It could just be better. And I would really like to know how it ends, but I don't want to win by silly trial and error.

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gamescanbe responds:

Thank you very much to you and to the others who showed interest in my "experiment".
Since you said you'd like to see the ends, here a couple of hints (SPOILER):

robot: you're right about splash but, just after using it, you should get rid of the guy who re-activate it...
tough guy: he's really tough, almost unvulnerable...but if you could fire?

Original but needs work.

You have a very original idea here and I would like to see you do more with it. I think your biggest problem is that the gameplay is not balanced. Half of the enemies can be taken out by a simple punch. A few require you to try to apply the words to their intended effect and the rest are trial and error. Keep Trying!

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I really loved the concept of this game, and the art is well-done; very much like a comic book, and I love the addition of the text boxes. It took me a few tries to figure out what the 'help' guy did -- I kept trying to click him before the game actually started. I figured out the robot and the elephant on my own, but once I'm down to the robot, the toughie, the alien, and the SWAT guy, I'm lost. I haven't tried *every single command*, but it seems that whatever I choose, it's wrong. Is there a 'negotiate' command...? :p

Anyway, I really do like the game; I think it's an excellent concept that you've executed very well. My only complaint is that once you get stuck with certain characters, you have to redo the entire things over and over and OVER until you either figure it out or get frustrated and give up (which I did, after about the eleventh or twelfth attempt).

Perhaps if you could give subtle hints as to how to take down the more challenging opponents...?

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Feb 22, 2010
1:47 PM EST
Adventure - Other