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Mike and Zig Preview 2

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Feb 22, 2010 | 12:25 AM EST

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Author Comments


Yeah been pretty busy i had gotten alot done with the movie i'm trying to make it very simple and easy so that a idiot can get the point of the movie

I can say it is about 78% complete its about 25mins long at this point I am going to break it into parts because i don't want to keep people waiting too long and it will get people hooked on it
Like you would for super mario bros z

1. Yes we finally decided to break it into parts each part is going to be 20-25 mins a piece. There will be 4 parts definitely but if things progress to a stand point in the exceeding the time limit (25mins) We'll just have to make a a few more episodes

2. That is a tough question yes I will try my best to incorporate as many characters as possible however its like a random draw at this point, because i want to add the most popular characters but there are so many can't add 500 characters and use well in episode. Yes I will try to put in the latest and lesser characters. Just So so you know i will add anyone who has ever just had a manga or anime alone also. (Like i could throw Sonic in there Mega Man and so on they are optional.

3. The v/a is being organized i had my share with the v/a before and people hating it b/c of the quality there for we're getting a new mic and also i've gotten audio fix software to boost up any bad quality. Also there is a huge problem with my flash and it freezes in a certain parts maybe its because of the computer i'm publishing it on. You may have a point on leaving it just for text on newgrounds i will have to make certain editions than to the one that i will publish on my site and youtube. For newgrounds i may break up the parts into parts but i'll publish the entire part on to here. Example a 20 min ep. will be split into 10 mins here I'll publish it as Side A and Side B. I don't know how everyone's computer responses to loading so i will just break it up anyway to speed up the process. My website will have the entire thing complete together as a real episode would. It will be cool.

4. I was thinking about that a long time ago one more preview won't hurt but i'll have it up for a limited time only

ok my youtube account is bzs68 or type in zbmtv. Its only going to be up for a limited time only because any preview for this episode and forward would have spoilers. I'm going to narrow the spoilers down to a mininum. So I'll keep it up for a week and then take it down. So it will be up from Feb 22 to 27th on youtube and newgrounds.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice preview man

Sup its kokujin72, i saw this a while ago on youtube, so thats why am just now commenting on the preview in NG's. Anyways, this one was really nice, great chose of music and style for the menu screen (it really made the anime seem epic, but hopefully the "final product" menu will have more of an action montage opening with it ending with mike and zig standing side by side, just a suggestion), the preloader was nice too, but seen the whole kingdom hearts beach intro over done alot (its not your fault, just my personal opinion). It was also nice to see some preview pics inside the scene select menu (i first i thought they were clickable, but it turns out you were just messing with us lol). The preview scene itself was nice. you gave us a good fight scene without any spoilers (thank you), your sounds matched up pretty well for the characters movement, the music fit the scene will, and the little individual movements of the characters (like mike's eyes popping out of his head) was really interesting. And thank you again for giving these guys a nice challenging fight this time around. One thing i wouldve like to see was some small individual dialogue from the characters during the fight (like mike saying "oh shit" when he popped his eyes out or maybe a few grunts here and there while they were fighting and exchanging blows). To me that makes the fight scenes feel more like a real struggle between 4 titans (and sry to bring him up again, but those sounds really helped the fights in Super mario bros Z really feel action packed and hard, but dont take this too personally, am not trying to make you guys a clone of Alvin-Earthworm, just there are some elements that you can take from him. He's probably one of the best sprite animators on this site). But anyways, thats my 2 cents, i hope i didnt seem to critical. Besides my few gripes, i really liked this preview and am still excited for when the series begins. And i know this is just a preview, so am aware the final product could turn out totally different, so am not going to really judge until then. U guys have a lot of potential to make something epic and i want to see you guys succeed. Sry for the hella long message again, but keep working and improving, and release this when you guys feel 100% happy with the final product. Peace.

P.S. I really hope there was a good reason for ichigo not fighting. lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars


ichigos the best man how cud u not let him fight in dis part?! well...overall it was still good =3


Rated 5 / 5 stars


On first glance, this was cheesy.
On further inspection I realized that I kept watching it because I was being compelled to. I will have to say that this is highly epic on every level :)

Good for you kind sir


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

love it

Why does evry1 pick on the black guy xDDDD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"Thats how its done"

You got some good vision to animating great fighting scenes. I love the energy very dbz influenced but it gives justice due to your work of camera angle work. Alot of artists that do sprites lack the camera work from shot to shot but you have a nice grip on what a versatile fight scene should look like! Props! I like the large variety of sounds you used as well, could you possibly message me a link as to where you found them? Your animation style reminds me a little of mine but you got more juicy sounds which really catches the attention of the viewers to the max. Nice use of effects as well again very dbz and bleach influenced but worked well. Overall great job on nearly every aspect and I can only say to improve the frame rates a little higher to make this a solid front paged flash. Check out my movie Chrono Eternal to see what i mean about the fps. 9/10 and 5/5 Phenomenal job Keep it up!!!!