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Space Destruction

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Author Comments

This is my first flash game that I've decided to upload on NG. I did encounter a few bumps along the road, but hopefully with the help of you guys I can turn this into what I want it to be.

So I'm gonna see how this goes and hopefully correspond with some of you to get some knowledge and hopefully a few good critical comments.

Music was made by me in quite literally 5 minutes, sorry if that sucks too :P


Fixed Typos!
Made a new space ship design!
Made the enemies faster and more plentiful!
New music! Put 10 minutes into this track, so it's a bit better!

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Pretty cool!

I found this quite enjoyable lol Thank you for making this. :)

dont give up

pretty good potential. nothing new to say realy, different ships to make it less repetitive, some moving at different speeds, maybe one that homes in on you, having them start shooting at you would be good. add some boss levels. how about some power ups? music would be nice too.

needs a diffrent control setup

maybe keyboard to move, and mouse to aim and shoot. Or keyboard to move the gun around and the mouse to move the ship..

MrS1ck responds:

Seems to be a common theme :P I've already got the idea in my head thanks!


This game is pretty boring. Also, the controls are wack. You could let the ship move with WASD and aim with the mouse. Other than that it's decent, and, once again, BORING.
On the title screen, it says "oh know" instead of "oh no." LOL
And are aliens so primitive that they can't shoot you? Fail!

MrS1ck responds:

True true, I haven't gotten there yet! As stated in the description, this IS the first submission (of many hopefully!) to NG. Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

Room for improvement

There's potential. There are a few problems with it, though.

First off, the aim system is quite frankly crap. If you could develop it a bit differently it could make for a unique experience, but for now it's just annoying. Most games have move and aim independent of each other.

Then there's the problem of repetitiveness. It's just a little too boring. There needs to be variety. Like enemies that fire back, for instance. Different levels or missions, maybe a boss now and then.

And I'd grab some music of the NG audio portal too. ;)

Good luck with your project.

MrS1ck responds:

Thank you! I had some "creative" (or lack thereof :P) block but really wanted to just get action script understood, thank you for the helpful review and when it gets better I'll be sure to shoot you a message!

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2010
9:04 PM EST