Leopard Piss

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You actually can't say I stole this because JohnnyUtah put the Art Assets up for download and I used different audio. BEAT THAT!

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And here is what NO.1 JUDGE Xidious scores YOU.


I see a very cunning way to get a flash in I def liked the original I must say.

I don't suppose you read the submission rules?

"Do not submit movies or games made from public .FLA files, these will be flagged."

I guess it is not stealing

It was nice of you to say that you got permission in the response from the review below me. Anyway, I thought this was pretty loyal to the feel of the Epic Beard Man cartoon, but it was not your own work. I also think the lip-synching is off, or there might be something wrong with the sound. We have all heard of Epic Beard Man now. I guess it was a good flash to go from, even if it itself was not one of my favorites. Next time, you should really work harder to make something that is your own.

please bring the amber lamps

i mean EPIC BEARD MAN is cool, but seeing as how this is knocked off from another submission......no

PandaCakeMonster responds:

JohnnyUtah said quote: At the end of the day (or the beginning of morning here) I'm just not really satisfied with what I recorded so I'm GIVING AWAY the art I made in a convenient Flash 8 file.