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Fuck 5 2

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Well worth the wait.

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you sir are a genius.

wait what just happened?

I felt like Venom and Spider-Man Punched meh while doc ock ripped oppened my chest and took a Mean dump on me.
In other words... no I did not enjoyed it. sorry.



this was utterly terrible

this was terrible because 1 live heads never work well in flash 2 in flash we are trying to get away from the stupidity of the world and 3 you should use voice actors from around new grounds for the voices not computer generated one s why you ask well because they tend to sound terrible and annoy people 4 work on the eyes you did they were not very good 5 work on movement flewency kk.
now i know i havent done any flash submishions but ive watched the best at flash and ive tried to make my comp not crash when its running the program sooooo ya nIm

Not good I'm afraid

You need better voicing. The monotone was annoying. And not to mention the flash wouldn't end and it would play the same music over again. The animations need to be smoother, the mouth moving wasn't so bad, but you need to add more frames when the heads are walking. The flash was also really short, and you could of made it longer. Overall 0/5, 0/10 Sorry man, I'm trying to be honest here. I hope your next flash will be a bit more promising.