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Happy Show

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Feb 20, 2010 | 10:39 PM EST

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A place unlike any other, a place not only of sight and sound, but of mind, a place that reaches into the depths of imagination and has bad animation...

Kudos to you if you live to see the replay button. Also you may have to increase your volume a bit to understand the voices.

Wow flash animation is hard, I hereby give "awesome status" to all good flash animators. Believe me, It's hard to animate! This animation took me a long time and it wasn't even that good. I now have a new respect for all flash creators out there and you should too! If it's a good animation, chances are they took a lot of work to do it, so be a little nicer when rating any flash animation. Just a thought.



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What was that? I'm sorry but i could not understand a word. I could make out fractions of what they said, like:
(Gibberish) I think we has (gibberish) winner!
(Gibberish) winner you (Gibberish) Prize! Yeah £@?#!


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this is not good sry man

Hey man since this is your first time i wont give you too much grieve, just try to do better with voice acting and try going to some art classes (no offense at all just saying) cause they could do a great deal of help. Until then just try makeing some videos by yourself (just for practice), try to get a feel for flash animation, try working with drawing programs, and how to do the voice acting. You might also want to try to co-up with someone who has had some Flash animation exp. that way he could show how to do it.

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No offense but it was a waste of time.

I could not understand the english and was there even a purpose to it? Idk if you have potential but keep practicing and maybe you'll make something splending in the future.

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This flash is for a limited audience seeing that you can barely understand the English that the characters are speaking. It has no purpose that I can recognize, even after replaying it. Keep practicing and your animation will reach awesome status, until then try to keep away from colorless backgrounds, strange shape characters, and bad voice acting.


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as you said this is NOT very good

i am not a great animator, and by professional standards i still suck, so don't feel bad, but as you well know, so i won't reiterate this too much, this was not very good. first and fore most, please work on your voice acting/editing. what i heard was simply a garble version of what might have been pitch changed vocals, but none of it was intelligible. as far as animation itself was concerned... well ive seen better done on ms paint. i'm not trying to be mean, just honest.
my advice would be to watch all of the tutorials at your disposal. as well watch the videos by your favorite flash artists again and again.. and again. understand what they do to create their animations, and even if you can't do what they do, strive to try. animation is a hard field and it takes a lot of devotion and time, that's why they get paid a lot of the time to do it. yet moreover an animator must love to create, an animator must be willing to devote their life to the pursuit of bringing their imagination to life. that is the only way that animators can create what they do, because it takes a lot of life to make only a five second image of life.
now that i have given my rant, i just want to say, that yes this was really bad, but don't give up, if you want to create, never give up. just spend almost all of what you used to call a life learning the trade, and then learn more.
oh and although your animation was bad, mad respect. why? because you put something out their. that is the first step to getting better,

any way, man
best of luck,
keep on going no matter what negative reviews you get,

and one day you too could be one of the greatly respected flash animators!


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