UNGFR Episode 7

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Hey all, this is the 7th episode of the UNGFR (Unofficial NewGrounds Flash Reviewer) series. The First 6 episodes are not currently on NG because I didn't edited them (some at all, some very little) with flash. I probably will convert, edit, and submit the other 6 episodes sometime, but no guarantees. (and no you do not have my permission to post them yourself, unless I say otherwise. I will post below the people I allow. but there most likely wont be any.)
The flash I am covering today is called:
by: Cobra0528
Enjoy and be sure to rate 5 and check out the rest of the episodes here or on my youtube (link in profile)


Yes I do know that live vids are for youtube. and even though NG is a flash site, that doesnt mean that all vids are animation. for example one of Cobra0528's flashes are live aciton and people found interest in that. So I did the same thing. There are also review vids on NG too. I've seen them before but cant remember where.

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Something that Newgrounds has needed for a long time, and perhaps the internet. Someone that gives their personal and perhaps impartial opinion on flash games. Just to be honest I've dealt with some piece of shit games in the past (and I will not list them here), but I'm glad to see that someone like you is actually getting up to give your opinion about them. With your help you will most likely give some people more time to live because they are not wasting their time on crap games that some people and their friends will try their best to vote up.

I know the conversion quality from a video codec to flash or something of the other is kind sketchy but you might want to do your best with a little bit more updates to it. You would have gotten a 10 if you had worked a little bit harder at it.

Not bad

Pretty good review. I do have to agree, though, that Newgrounds should be used for animations. But how can I bash you for that after you gave me such great feedback? Awesome break down. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the music. I know I didn't make it, but for many it was what made the animation mean so much to them. Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated.

skellitor301 responds:

no problem dude, I do appreciate the criticism on the lack of animation and i do plan to add more animation ideas to the series, (here is a little spoiler for the up coming episodes) I will be adding my own assistants to the series via flash inserts.



I m agree with the others NG is place for animation and stuff not for videos youtube is for that keep it in mind the submission is fine but you could at least put animation I canĀ“t give more score

not bad..

like your revew ratings, but its not too intresting to keep viewers watching i think..
maybe add some animation ure self and make a small parody of the flash your reviewing to make it a little funny? just a suggestion..
overall: 7/10

ok concept...

but NG is more for animation, not live reveiws. This should stay on Youtube, people can decide for themselves wheter Tetris'd (or any other things you decide to review)

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Feb 20, 2010
9:25 PM EST