Alphie's Story pt 2

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_EDIT 2-20-10_
daily 2nd?! wow! It's like a dream come true... finally, an Alphie flash gets noticed! :D

Now with dialogue!

omygod. its done. ITS FINALLY DONE!! It's been over a year since Alphie's Story pt1, and it's still not done. There was actually more to this, but i decided to save it for pt 3 and post what I had. I actually had to cut off the rest and throw on a really hasty end, so the ending's kinda bad.

Anyway, pt 3 is halfway done and on its way! Enjoy!


This is great

The ending is fine. Afterall, it is just part 2... Great, great artwork, man. I love the color scheme and the clean lines on everything. I have not seen part 1, but I will for sure. The only thing i can suggest is to work on the voicework- it sounds a little garbled at times (note: i am not talking about the red orb that destroyed his life; that's supposed to sound that way :) Great job and I cant wait for part 3!

pretty good

I can tell a lot of work went into this, as it really shows through. However, there are several things that hold it back. For one, if you learned to draw human anatomy a bit better, it would really improve the overall quality of your work. Secondly, you should possibly get rid of or at least improve the dialogue and voice acting, because to me it really only took away from the experience. The flash itself is well animated enough to be taken as a serious science fiction piece, but your dialogue only serves to take away from the experience, and since it's not really funny either, it's really only hurts more than it helps. I enjoyed your backgrounds quite a bit, as they were probably the highlight of your work. All in all, it's a good effort, and I think that earns you a solid seven.

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Feb 20, 2010
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