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Alphie's Story pt 2

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_EDIT 2-20-10_
daily 2nd?! wow! It's like a dream come true... finally, an Alphie flash gets noticed! :D

Now with dialogue!

omygod. its done. ITS FINALLY DONE!! It's been over a year since Alphie's Story pt1, and it's still not done. There was actually more to this, but i decided to save it for pt 3 and post what I had. I actually had to cut off the rest and throw on a really hasty end, so the ending's kinda bad.

Anyway, pt 3 is halfway done and on its way! Enjoy!

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"Alphie VS Mikey" EPIC BATTLE 0:00 - 19:67


I love the SF genre,and so you are my favorite artist! Great animation an keep up the good work ;)


It's like Eon Kid but with more personality.

awsomeness :)

yeah this is another great animation by you! loved how the music went with the start and the alien looked like the Arbiter off halo? aha anyway cant wait for part 3!

Some of these reviews are retarded :[...

I love your work dude. You're one of my favorite animators on newgrounds now :D!
keep uploading >.<!

btw, what framerate/Fps do you use? I think its laggy on my end :P.

EVanimations responds:

normally only 12 fps X{
i'm gonna raise the next one to 18 fps.

and indeed, i will upload more! :D
stay tuned!

and, um, WOW i've never had anyone tell me im one of their favorites! Thank you!