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Moarphs: In and Out

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*EDIT: Fixed the links and the screensaver links should work now. It opens up to a page to download the zip containing the screensavers.

It will take a while to load, just hang in there. Enjoy

13 Animators come together to create a couple of In and Out morphs (they animate into an image, then out to nothing). I got the idea from a similar animation I saw on Presstube and after seeing TheBoogley's, One BIg Morphing Orgasm. There is no story, no spoof, no violence, it's just something to sit (or stand) and enjoy visually. The Chaotic version is a loop, but it should never play the same. Before Reviewing, please watch the Chaotic AND Sequential version. Hope you guys enjoy! I like the BW Chaotic version best as a screensaver (download link to screensavers in the movie). If you like any one particular animator, feel free to go to the credits page and contact them or just watch theirs over and over. So sit back and just chill.


nice combination

its something that u just cant stop looking (I'm not lieying, ask my lil' sister), the music just fit perfectly with the image creations in both modes, chaotic and sequential. In 1 word I would say "impressive". Nice work

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I love this.

It's just one of those things on this site that I can't help but watch and say "wow". It was magnificent, the music fit perfectly. They were both tremendously amazing, but the sequential one was much better for me. I could see in detail the calibre of animation put in by the animator. To be put bluntly, this is Simple Complexity. Smooth, beautiful and yet simple and without a purpose. Astounding stuff.

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Very nice indeed. A few moved too fast to catch a good look at what they really were, but otherwise a very nice and creative entry.

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M-Shack responds:

Yeah next time i'll make everyone work with in the same frame limit. Thanks!


Nice but give us less detail:it´s hard to see all of them.

M-Shack responds:

you mean keep the images simpler?

Awesome Job.

Its very artistic and the music fits in perfectly.

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4.38 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2010
1:43 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 21, 2010