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The Nervous Egg

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This is my first flash, I did all the animating and music.

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Simplicty can really work.

For what little there was it was great. That music is epic and i think would really suit a 'relaxed' flash, kinda like this one, espically where animation isnt the key.


I like the simplicity!!!!

Interesting & original

For your first flash, this is rather impressive. although the animation wasn't the greatest, it didn't need to be in a sense. It was original and I liked it.

Music was phenomenal, you should hook us up with a link or post it on the audio portal.

Keep it up dude.

DreamsfromGin responds:

You can find my music in both these projects -




It isn't badm but it insnt the best

The music is good, b ut the animating is kinda crappy. try making the egg roll instead of motionlessly slide. also, try to work a bit on the art. like making the lines thinner and making shades and shadows. these can dramatically help


It was simple, but nice for this animation. Animation was good. Pretty good music. Overall good, which this wouldn't seem like you're first, so it shows you put some work into it before just trying to add this. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more from you.