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Ok, i confess that i am probably classed as one of the Worst animators on NG, I have autism so im very creative which is a plus.. But a very short attention span, which quite frankly lets me down abit.. But with that said, it really annoys me when i see something on newgrounds that the author knows will be blammed.. they say stuff like im just starting out so be kind.. FINE YOUR NEW TO FLASH.. BUT IT DOSN'T STOP YOU MAKING ATLEAST A LITTLE BIT OF EFFORT!!

The Stickman Animation at the start was:

UberPwnage Skate Flash 01 by sonic10 - Turd of the Week!



lol im so glad this made it threw voting.. but i love it and your so right people should make an effor.. like me and my music : D >.>

FateNGS responds:

Yes, exactly.. Ive listened to your music and it seems very well polished indeed! You've got a great talent there :P


well, poorly animated, i dont understand the point, the music quality is really not good, but haha, its kinda funny to watch, good point youre making though

FateNGS responds:

Wait, you dont understand the point.. or you do :S - I admit its poorly animated, i didnt put alot of effort into it at all.. i simply showed that with minimal effort you can achieve much more than a piece of crappy animation that will just get blammed!


if you admit that there is no effort in it then why did you post it,
i'm sure you can do better if you put in more effort.

FateNGS responds:

I said i put minimal effort into it.. meaning that i got a much better animation (even though it's still crappy) from minimal effort.. And yes, if i put as much effort into it as some of the amazing animators on this site do, it would be amazing!


God someone pointed all this out. I only animated once when I was in school, and it was way better then what some people post. (Showing that they didn't really try.)
And I DO hate it when someone says, "I'm new be nice." Because, I know they can watch a preview of the flash and know thats it is bad before they post it. They are just trying to slide by. >>

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FateNGS responds:

Thankyou for your honest review, It means alot that atleast one person understands the point im trying to get across! Much love Zellear!

Not much effort...

Kinda pointless

FateNGS responds:

Your right, not much effort at all, But you can instantly see the difference between the two animations.. Im just trying to improve the quality of the submissions one view at a time..

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Feb 19, 2010
5:31 PM EST