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Bimmy ep.1 part 2

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This is the second part of the first episode where Bimmy is now in the future and dosent know what to do..But yeah this is a flash submission I already submitted into 2 seperate parts because the file size was too big. I also saw that the second part was way too laggy so I had to do some editing. I just lowered the sound quality, and now it should work fine also its not in 2 parts anymore. Managed to get the megs lower then 10..so I hope you all enjoy!

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Wow, definitely better then the first, it was lengthy which is good, I must say you got pretty good voice work there, however the robots are too hard to understand, but I liked the recap scene when the robot was talking about what happened, the music was very well placed, the artwork was greatly fitted I really liked it actually.

the backgrounds werent too shabby, I see a lot of potential here, try and use a thinner brush, up the fps a little, always makes things seem more fluent and smooth, I go on 24fps and it does help since I used 12 for a while.

Definitely want to see more from you here, keep working on this, keep improving, try some frame by frame animation, good luck with the next part I think you could have something special here bud!

ThyGentleman responds:

Thanks for that great review! Im glad to see people are still viewing my work even in these late days. I lost flash for a while but now I have it back, I'm currently working on the second episode of the deli but when thats finished Im debating on what I should work on next...I have multible projects.


The robots are a bit hard to understand, and the pacing's a bit slow, but this is pretty good otherwise. Your microphone is really good!

ThyGentleman responds:

Yeah its only running on 16 fps...the next ones going to be better. Thanks im actually using a laptop micophone so thats pretty surprising you think that its good. I never really did...