batlle in dimension x

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my second animation batlle in x dimension sorry for some bugs they occur because i never used a replay button on my life sorry but i hope you enjoy the figth



that was f*ckin insane i cant believe they fought like that i was on the edge of my seat the entire time and they BEAT THE S**T OUT OF HIM nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chari1205 responds:

thanks for give tom e this high note

not the best

As a parody of all the overly used cliches in these battle sprite animations it's pretty funny. As a serious sprite work- not so great. The animation wasn't too bad so I'll give you credit for that, but you should try using more than the same few effects and smooth out the animation (and for goodness sake, get some better dialogue boxes). Also, work on your grammar, it makes the already hammy dialogue pretty unbearable.


The dialogue in this reminded me of those two foreign dudes on family guy. "Let's give to this guy a lesson!"

Really though, the sound was shrill as fuck, not good sound quality and in the later half of the movie half of the dialogue was off screen.


The fighting was okay. Buggy, but you already knew that. You also might want to work on the english to, I was watching and couldn't help notice how many words weren't put into a correct sentence. As in "Why you kill him" or "he trusted on you, why you killed him." There are others, I just thought I would point out the ones you notice right at the start.

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hmmm...its pretty good...could be better...but keep trying

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Feb 19, 2010
11:40 AM EST