Throw Rocks at Shit

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*EDIT* Holy 'Shit' thanks for the Front Page!!!! We really worked hard on this one. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

*EDIT* we actually came up with this idea when we were outside actually throwing rocks at dog shit.

A young girl weeps, as sorrow and sadness plagues her mind. The water is all she has left, for god sake don't let the shit ruin her last chance at a new life.


Considering it's about shit, you've done great.

But there is SOOOOOOOO much more you can do. Which is why I'm hoping you weren't completely joking in making this.

Try a combo system, or certain kinda shit that needs more rocks thrown at it... like a turd that's on fire or something. It's a great idea, just prematurely put into motion.


I laughed so hard at the turds moving across the screen to epic music. This game promised throwing rocks at shit and it delivered! Good for my extremely short attention span. Oh hey! A butterfly! :D

bad game

the worst game i ever play

These other Reviewers no nothing!

You have all proved why your games will never end up on the front page.

THIS GAME IS THE BEST GAME EVER. I laughed. I cried. I even played the game till lvl 4, if you can believe that shit! But you can't because I threw rocks at it.

: (?

hahahahaaha but no seriously this sucks im giving it a 2, throwing rocks at a pile of shit thats the best you can come up with man? think!

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2.61 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2010
8:27 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed