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Me In A Nut Shell

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Well, I'd have to say this is my legit first flash I have ever finished...
This was a project on Identity for a class I have, so it's kinda lame, but w/e.
Took me like 15 hours to complete T_T and I sorely regret choosing to do my project in flash when I could have done something that would have taken me 14 and a half hours less time.
Anywho... I hope you enjoy!
Judge me fairly :)

(I had to put a picture of me at the end as well :S)


very good

hey it shows you put effort into it.
the flash itself was really good, very fluid animation and a really good style
nice job ^_^

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Very nicely done! :) The music suits the video well, and by looking at you hobbies i can tell that you are quite an interesting person! My compliments on such a well made flash! I can sense that you putted a lot of heart in this flash. :)

P.S. I haven't been commenting in a while, but you flash is worthy, even if it isn't really much of an honor for me to be reviewing you. ;)

Noemro64 responds:

Ha thanks :) I'm glad you took the time

good flash

it was a good flash, it serves it's purpose of showing you in a nutshell

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Nicely done!

I like how you put the concept of your own identity into a flash animation. Sad that you only made a short one. Well of course, that's just you in a nutshell. However, I felt there was more than just that to be considered a summary of yourself.

Overall, you've got talent and I think other flash animators could try this concept out to introduce themselves in a nutshell to other viewers. How cool would that be? :D

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Noemro64 responds:

Thanks :D
I really did want to animate more, but I was pressed for time :(
I had already asked my teacher for an extension on the due date.
But yea, it'd be interesting to see others do something similar


I liked how you were able to incorperate different generes in one video. It was well constructed. Good job.

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3.61 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
11:33 PM EST