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Goemon: Enter the Bunny

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Goemon and Ebisumaru are on the case again!


Voices were added to the movie.
Game has been made easier.
Some other small fixes were made to the movie.

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Very good! I thought adding a game element to it made it more interesting. Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon was one of my favorite games as a kid so I love seeing any Goemon stuff. Great job on the animation, but could have improved the voice acting a tiny bit :). 4.5 Stars!


The animation is good, except ebismaru, make him shorter and fatter. The music was right on target, but you arent respecting the fact that this was a Japanese game, and was imported, properly making a parody would be to not use actual voices, but hand motions and subtitles, with japanese gibberish for voices. Being a HUGE Goemon fan (considering i have played it since i was 7 years old and beaten each game at least 50x+), I grade this more harshly than most who havent had a love for this game. Try my advice on another video (Goemon based) as a challenge, to you from me to see if you can make a great traditional Goemon video.


this is a cool flash, also love the addition of a mini game in a movie...
this makes me nostalgic for the game on N64, i wish i had bought it and not just rented it

"Thank Goodness, I'm starving!"

I loved the animation, and it came as a surprise to me we had to defeat the boss instead of watching him die, which was really cool!
Only took me one attempt :D
Ebisumaru is so awesome xD

A good flash based on Goemon and Ebisumaru

Well first, I have to say thanks for adding voices to the movie and making the game easier for some.

Secondly, I would like to say that I would suggest adding some reason behind the two antagonist for wanting to "get" Goemon and Ebisumaru even if it's just a simple reason. Although, this might have just been made for fun and then again, we don't really know why Ebisumaru acts the way he does so why bother?

But the thing I was mainly kind of surprised was the game where you had to shoot the enemy while trying to run. I wasn't expecting it and I actually kind of died two or three times before taking my time and finally defeating the "boss".