Animation Kills

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Hi all!

I hope you will enjoy this.
I spend a total of 30 hours spread over a good couple of weeks on this.
It doesn't look the way I want it to look. It doesn't have much content, but I guess it's mildly entertaining.

It's black and white, just for all you racist haters out there.


Im a sucker for random stick figures dying

Yup, I liked it :P

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Soupcat responds:

Then recommend it in a collection ;)


Short and Entertaining

I liked it! It wasn't very long, but the animation was very fluid and well done. It got the job done! Also I liked the song at the end, it was cool. "rawx" it's called? I Iooked for it but couldn't find it. Can I have a copy of it? lol... Also what language was it in? Over all, well done! There's nothing I could find wrong with this so.... 10/10

Soupcat responds:




No the tunes rocks, and thats why I added it. It's the soundtrack from the Paprika anime.

Google "Paprika anime" and you'll find sum shit.

thx for the review, I wish it got a better score tho =(

Cool animation style and some nice blood effects.

I think it could have been better with some background music or a bit more sound effects, the footsteps were just bland, but thats very minor.

I love the animation style, I just wish you did a bit more with it.

Also, the blood effects were nice dude, you need some more of that ;P.

For a small quick beginner flash, this is pretty good. I think you'll get a ton better in the future.

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Soupcat responds:


You are right in every way. The sounds are pretty much a failure.
I was thinking about adding a background tune...I even picked one from the Audio portal and all that jazz.
Then started on the sound effects, and I was all "perhaps this works" etc etc.
and I kept hearing the footsteps and everything over and over I couldn't tell bad from good anymore.

Overall, a nice try but the sounds messed it up. =(
I need like a personal musician or something...Or learn how to play the guitar...That would help tons.

Thx for the confroment thing with the....agh I need to sleep.

i like it

i can tell that you put some real effort into this. i especially loved the walking animations.

although the end was predictable, it was still enjoyable.

high five!

Soupcat responds:

HIGH five.

Not bad

Animationd is fluid and the sounds are timed well. THe ending song is cool to. Not bad overall could be longer. Like the moral btw :D

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3.61 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
9:19 PM EST
Comedy - Original