Animation Kills

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Hi all!

I hope you will enjoy this.
I spend a total of 30 hours spread over a good couple of weeks on this.
It doesn't look the way I want it to look. It doesn't have much content, but I guess it's mildly entertaining.

It's black and white, just for all you racist haters out there.


Sweet vid

that was short and sweet dude, now if only I knew how to screen grab the ending to scare people, I would say this flash had played an important part in my flash making
Still 20/10 *, if I could go that high

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Soupcat responds:

The button above the backspace normally.

Now....What do you want screenshot? Because I honestly wouldn't see the point in it...Also...PM me if you want a certain frame man xD

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, that's awesome to hear! Shit. I never thought I'd be able to actually entertain people :o
Glad you like it :D

Here's your review

That was actually entertaining to watch, also the ending was funny. I like how the animation itself was pretty smooth, but the only problem I have is that the guy walk or running cycle was kinda weird. Next time add some background and more color to it. Other than that, I enjoyed this.

Soupcat responds:

No the issue was the sounds man.

And kinda like...out of joint place stuff. And the I was going for something liek...simple and white....

Just the character (It WAS a practice tbh). Next time I'll make it more "movie" like.

Just one little problem

Great animation you got going here! There was only 1 problem that i found a bit anoying for me. When teh guy would walk or his arms his joints woul like not line up or i would start seeing gaps between in the joints. If that was fixed it would be one of the best i seen :D

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Soupcat responds:

Hahaa! First to notice.

You're good. Yes, I agree the limbs and everything is out of place. Although it appears as a very smooth animation, it's far from great.

That's why I said ''It doesn't look the way I want it to look"...because of all the "bugs" in there. At the end I was like "ok...i can fix that up...And I can fix that up...oh and that as well....oh dear that needs fixing" and it just kept coming and coming. So I decided to fuck it.

...In the way of giving up...yanno?.....anyway! Thx for the review.


looks like I should think twice before getting Flash!

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Soupcat responds:

Yeh you should.


Music is from paprika right?

Over all a very clever short i found it to be worth my time.
I just think people are being a little to anal with the foot steps and sounds and not having music just like it is i found it to serve it's purpose as a short.

Soupcat responds:


Nice to know I didn't waste your time. Also...People are being anal eh. Well, I still got a lot to learn in the field of animating...And they're kinda right.
But if you think it served its purpose, then I'm happy to hear that and I can die in peace.

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3.61 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
9:19 PM EST
Comedy - Original