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Animation Kills

rated 3.61 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Feb 18, 2010 | 9:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hi all!

I hope you will enjoy this.
I spend a total of 30 hours spread over a good couple of weeks on this.
It doesn't look the way I want it to look. It doesn't have much content, but I guess it's mildly entertaining.

It's black and white, just for all you racist haters out there.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, a few quirks, yes...

When there's a basic black & white movie like this, I just knew that it just couldn't be perfect. I wish that I could say that it was perfect...but no....just no.

First off, the artwork itself wasn't that great. Yeah, it's definitely better than mine, by far. I was expecting more though. I could tell that you were using symbols by what was there in the different parts of the character. The head, body, etc.

Now, the animation also applies to what I said above. You were becoming too reliable on the symbols. For instance, when he was bending his knees, you could definitely tell when the lower legs and upper legs seperated. It's a very sad fact indeed....

Also, please, I beg you, PLEASE add music next time. It's just annoying when you listen to just sound effects over and over again.

Good job overall. Please work on this in the future.

Overall: 6/10, 3/5.

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Soupcat responds:

Neih...It was just something quick to get me animating again.
It's gonna stay like this forever.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


One of the best I've seen in a long time it brought back classic hilariousness and I think you used the bone tool in CS4 to make him walk and thats why it looks like that.Not saying the movements were bad....They're weren't bad at all.My favorite part was when the dude came out of the background and then foreground character got sword through his head the background characters face was so funny to me for some reason.

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Soupcat responds:

Thanks man ^^

And this was done with flash 8. No bone tools whatever.

They just look "weird" because I couldn't be bothered to fix it when I finished it.

I was all like "I NEED TO GET THIS UPLOADED ASAP" So yeh....And well...The ending was the only punchline it had...So it's only naturally you enjoyed that :D
Thanks for the review ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Simple but effective

Graphics are very simple in this one and yet they are very detailed at the same time. You only used very few colours, maybe that's why I thought the graphics look simple, but the guy that walks in looks very detailed, especially the clothes. At first it looks a bit weird how he moves, but maybe that was part of the story as well.

The ending was kinda random, but in a good way. I expected the main character would kill himself with the sword, but you still managed to get something unexpected into the excecution of the punch line.

{ Review Request Club }

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Soupcat responds:

Well...I don't know if you refer to him weirdly moving as in badly animated, or as a puppet.

Because there are some "bugs" in there. And otherwise....Yeh the intention was to have get to know his body and his movements. So yeh...There you have it.

Thanks for the nice review and all that jazz ^^ You guys rock.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I like the sketchy black and white style with random colors here and there. Probably the reason why I liked Sin City so much and other things such as that. There were a few spots on his legs that didn't quite connect correctly, but that was my only fault with the animation part of the entire submission.

Graphic wise the person in the background could have been developed a little bit more like the original character, but it was almost fitting that he wasn't I guess.

~ Story/Content ~

I knew what was going to happen, but when I saw the second person I was almost thinking that the sword was almost going to hit the person in the background, but the original predictable guess was correct.

What could have really been cool was the sword hitting something that ended in a massive wave of confusion and death. The sword can hit an airplane that crashes into a building that falls into a Ferris wheel, which crushes a bunch of people making others commit suicide and, etc.., etc..., etc...

~ Audio ~

Sounds effects were great so I really don't have much to comment about here. Music was alright and voices really weren't need hence you didn't have them. Good job all around here.

~ Overall ~

Made me laugh, but it could be cool to continue with it a bit.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Soupcat responds:

Wow thanks for the very thought out review!

And those are some nice tips story wise! I will keep these in mind for the future =)

And awesome you got a laugh out of it! Thats an accomplishment for me ^^

Seriously. Best. Review. Ever.

xx <3


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Brutal and catchy

I'm not sure why I like this piece so much - the simplicity of the animation in itself is a great thing to look at with how the perception of the line changes in the early going. I think that you could have gone a little slower with the evolution of the sword from a whip. Perhaps have him tie a knot in the whip to make the guard and turn it into a rapier, with the swoosh noises, then stab it into the wall and draw it out as that sword, which leads on nicer.

I think that there's real promise for this piece and it's just a case of making it take that extra step, before you kill everyone off. A good use of the red, but I'd have preferred that you used more colours throughout. Maybe that's the next one - fighting with the paint palette? Still, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

[Review Request Club]

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Soupcat responds:

Wow more great tips! You guys really know your deal!

Ha..Fighting with the palette...That's a good one ^^

No I this was like "practice" in doing something more "pro" and I thought I'd start off simple ^^
Not too much pondering about shading/lighting and get the basic movements under the wraps...If you know what I mean.

I'll be sure to make a note out of it to use all these great tips in whatever comes next! :D

xx <3
Thanks guys, you're the best.