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Geo Land: Dream Traveller

rated 4.40 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Feb 18, 2010 | 7:10 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 19, 2010

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Author Comments

As a young man, travel through dreams in order to aquire the magical scroll. This game offers many hours of game-play. Featuring 30 levels, more than 100 quests to do, and tons of puzzles.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


good game


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

An interesting, but inconvenient RPG.

I love this game. It's got interesting concept, and keeps me playing it with the various quests and stuff. That said though, here are the issues I see with it:

1) There is no way to rest for healing. I suppose this makes for a challenging game, but it simply becomes too pricey or time consuming to recover to full when you reach higher levels. It feels like I have to wait like ten minutes or longer to heal to full from near death at level 21 with no item use, and that's AFTER getting the Rune of Nature. For the strength the monsters get around that level, it would be nice to have a timely recovery to keep with the questing and grinding, without having to spend too much money on recovery items that would be best saved for a boss. It also would be nice if I could recover without standing there, adding to my little fatigue meter. It stacks up so high just waiting, to the point by the time I'm ready I have to buy Restore Pills or go out of my way before hand to place myself in Sleep so the meter goes down while I wait. To summarize this point: In need of a timely, cost effective mass heal.

2)The balance of battle components should have been more properly adjusted.
*The issue on missing the target... It's not horrible, but the ratio to hit and miss seems more 50-50-ish compared to the enemy hit and miss ratio(Seeming 80-20-ish), at least early on. With Reflex worked on, it does help, as does Focus to the hitting the enemy. However as late as it can become to getting said stat and ability, it becomes quite inconvenient on the way, and thus makes players lose interest due to missing too much and getting hit too much.
*Absorb: A great move, and it can work effectively. That said though, waiting three turns to do it again to get a yield of 1 Energy back is not worth the turns to use it. It would make sense to make a downtime if it were going to yield at least 10 Energy a use (and quite nifty how it drains twice the amount actually inflicted on the target, thus being only minor damage to the enemy for the increased benefit). To balance this more appropriately, it probably would have been more favorable to A)Remove the downtime for a cap amount of Energy (1-10 Energy yield), or B)Keep the downtime, but cause the minimum and maximum drain to increase with the rank (Rank 1= 1-10 yield, Rank 2=5-15, Rank 3 10-30 etc.).
*Some Energy requirements are not effectively balanced. Protection costs around 20 Energy withing the first 4 ranks, while Enfeeble costs 30 for the same area, when they have the same resulting effect, just in different targets so they stack. Blessing costs 90 Energy for a 5% HP regeneration for 4 turns. 90 Energy may be effective for a full heal spell, but for that weak an effect, it should at least be halved. 45 energy would still be pushing it a bit much on cost/yield, but it would make it worth using more often. Poison Strike being a 40 cost... Maybe on a more fixed amount of turns for poison, as I do often get up to 11 turns of poison (well worth 40 energy in my opinion) but to only get 3 turns, the risk of getting so low yield for the amount makes use of this helpful ability questionable. Mass Shield I actually feel has too little energy cost for what it does. I would put it more at 30 energy, enough to make it a more sparing use, but low enough not to feel like it was wasted when the incoming attack misses anyway. I have not seen all of the abilities yet (Not yet attained one "Normal" ability and three "Special"), so my criticism on this subject ends here.

I think this covers most of my concerns with the game. I hope this proves helpful in any future endeavors. A side note: I've been stuck in the tree as well after getting beat in sleep mode, but I wasn't "awakened" so I freed myself by waking myself up (E key). I give a 5 for gameplay and what does work.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Errrrrr wtf?

Sooooo I started playing this game , saved at level 5 , closed it to go out for dinner , came back and my save file is gone??????? Dude , I cant imagine if I would of been higher i'd be seriously pissed >:( Cmon now , the #1 thing a game should have working is the dam save feature >.>

As for the game , from what I saw ( I wont even bother playing again thanks to that failure ) It was errrrr Boring.. repetitive.. monsters had random hp gave random exp.. really but really anoying. Also whats up with all those MISS >.< Makes the 2nd attack look like a joke , rarely have I seen it hit all 3 times -_- I dont see anything interesting in this game that would make me want consider restarting.

I'll give you a 3 for the music on the start-up screen ~_~


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hella lot like pokemon

Awesome, but waaaay too glitchy


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Good game, nice RPG, a bit repetitive, but it's OK.
A pain to level, and each level makes the differ...

The 8 slots backpack is in the Puzzle Game in the first city.
You need to complete the 1 puzzle, them you'll get the Backpack.