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Puppets in the Park VI

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Hello Newgrounders,

It's been a while since my last submission to Newgrounds. I could go into great detail in regards to where I've been over the last few years OR I could just send you here www.BryanWaterman.com. I would love to hear what you all think!

I was looking through some of my older work and stumbled across a few episodes of Waterman's Puppets in the Park that never seemed to make it online. SO HERE THEY ARE IN LIVING COLOR!

Puppets in the Park -
Waterman decides to begin improvising a series of puppet shows in the local park. Watch in amazement as the classic children's tales you've grown to know and love are hysterically defiled before your very eyes.

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Don't take candy from strangers, either

This was better than the previous entry probably because I was able to understand that it was Waterman doing the puppeteering. I really like how deadpan he sounds in this. It was also funny to see all of those babies just run around in circles and crying. There could have been some more jokes, but overall, it was enjoyable. I was actually going to say something about this myself somewhere along the line of that moral at the end. The animation is as good as anything that you have submitted.

Interesting take on a nursery rhyme.

Very good, it's pretty much on par with the animators that get front page. My only suggestion is to brush up on your drawing skills or perhaps put more detail into your characters (there's always room for improvement).

Arguably cheap. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were using the "puppet" status as an excuse not to put in mouth movement and facial expression.

Good. I liked how you added the park ambiance.

An interesting and imaginative twist on the "Old Lady In the Shoe" story. However It may have been way better had it not been done with "puppets".

Good visuals, good plot, lame animation.