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3D Future Ops 3: Zombies

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3D First Person Shooter Multiplayer Flash Game with 32 Player Zombie Mode and 32 Player Team Deathmatch mode.

Kill the enemies to gain enhancements.

Move with A W S D keyboard keys, Hold Shift to run, Press Spacebar to jump, Press Q to zoom, Press J to turn on and off Mouse Rotation Sides for easy turning.

This game makes use of running, jumping, gravity and full 3d collision detection.

There is 1 Zombie Mode Level, and 6 levels for Team Deathmatch to play, selectable from the start.

There are 3 Turning Options, 1: Q and E keys turn left and right. 2: Drag the screen to turn. 3: Move the mouse to edges of the screen to auto turn easily. All 3 modes are active till optionally turned off.

This game uses AS3.0 3D libraries with built in Flash 10 features including GPU Acceleration for Drawing Textures at incredibly high speeds.

This is the 3rd game in the series, this game includes the previous standard Team Deathmatch Mode, as well as an all new Zombie Mode in a futuristic style, where machines and spaceships are controlled by computers that receive instructions from far away remote sources, working together to create destruction, similiar to Zombie Computers in the real world.

That is why its called Zombie Technology (3D Future Ops 3: Zombie Tech, is the full name, it didnt fit in Newgrounds maximum title size)

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why it not work!!????


try a little harder.

tripknotix responds:

I'll take any suggestions you have t3hn00bs1ay3r

A Great Idea...

I always love the idea of a multiplayer flash game with a chatroom function and so I did try and play this for a while... but I couldn't.

The gameplay (maybe it is just my computer) was fairly choppy and slow and I don't think the chat worked. I'd suggest working on the graphics a bit more too - I was supposedly playing a co-op battle but I didn't even know who were my teammates as some of the characters didn't even look like anything in particular.

Other than that, it seemed like a great idea - the menu worked well and was simple to navigate and the controls for the game were simple enough... the game does have quite a lot that needs working on, though.

It's such a great idea, but I do think you should keep working at it to improve the game and make it more enjoyable for the players. I hope I have helped with writing this review: 5/10.

tripknotix responds:

Which game mode did you play Mechabloby in your review? Zombie mode, or Team Deathmatch mode?

not that great

the graphics wernt that great and the gameplay was repetitive. plus why are u supposed to be using a .50 cal sniper as a weapon....

tripknotix responds:

Do you mean that the team deathmatch mode was repetitive, because it is just like counter strike, every round is always the same, there are however 6 levels to choose from to play.

or did you only play the Zombie Mode?

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2010
3:17 AM EST