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Shotgun Princess: Escape!

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2 UPDATES! The sequel is out- check for it on NG!
Also, I am creating my first feature film called 'The Darklings'! To find out more go to http://www.darklingsmovie .com - There will be a comic series and a flash game to go with it, ayou can get a free credit in the movie! Thanks for the support and interest!

***ATTENTION*** GAMEPLAY- Some people have been concerned by the inability to 'pick up' some of the items and put them in their inventory. Don't be concerned and keep trying to solve the other puzzles. There are different tasks you must complete before you are able to pick up some of the other items. If you are still experiencing difficulty, try clicking on the in-game link to the walkthrough. Thank you for playing, and keep enjoying!

After a lot of internet exposure and in anticipation of the sequel that will be released soon, I've decided to post the game on Newgrounds.

This is my first-ever attempt at creating a video game. I taught myself the AS in just 2-3 days and was really, really, ridiculously excited about the response I received. My fans have been great. I am excited to be able to give this to my fellow Newgrounds-ers, as well.

I originally tried to post a non-working version (I thought it was working before I posted it) of the game a little over a year ago, but it caused problems and I am just getting around to re-posting an actual working version.

Thank you to all the fans that have been so supportive!

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments! However, please don't worry if there are bugs. I'm not worried. It's a first game (and a fun one in my opinion) by an easy-going guy.

Luke T. Harwath

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It's quite good

Could've added some music, a couple glitches here and there but overall fun. Easy yet hard at the same time, I had to think for a while but I still didn't NEED a walkthrough. Nice , !

could have been fun

too many glitches. combining items didn't work and couldn't open trunk.

Creative and Fun

A few glitches, but what first game doesn't have that! Animation is awesome and creative. Love that there is potential for a sequel! The game is challenging and probably not for people who can't figure out the basics of an escape the room game. Worth the effort just to say that you have completed the game!

All around great fun!

ryuuku responds:

Thank you very much! And, in fact, there is a sequel coming out very soon! The Goblin Prison sequel!

Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

A fun clcik game

You have here a fun click and play game, and i must say the art and graphics was exceptional verywelldone there as for the game part it was fun but could use much more activity, but other then that it was really a fun game to play

A fun click and play game here


ryuuku responds:

w00t! Glad you think so highly! Quick question... could you elaborate on 'activity'? Do you mean more 'action' (higher speed... etc.) or do you mean more puzzles to solve... or something else? Just want to know what I should consider when working on the sequels!

Thanks again!

A nice addition to the escape games.

I know I have played to many walkthroughs, so the start of this game was easy, but you had some really good hiding spots, and the difficulty picked up once, you needed certain items to get others. As your character might just leave them, thinking they don't need them.

Start 7.5/10
I liked the animation, and story, but was a little short.

Animation[design of rooms] 8/10
Well done, nice hidden spots for items. The keys could look better, use a turning motions, instead of a wiggling motion.

Voice sound and music 0/10
N/A. You could always add simple sounds even. Locks unlocking, doors being opened, foot steps. Anything. Even a simple tune to listen to. [Always w/ a mute option].

Story/Originality 6/10
6 might seem low, but to get more than a 2 for originality on an escape game is a high score. You had some unique ideas that made me want to figure it out, w/o the walkthrough. It was tough in the long run, but damn fun.

Control 7/10
I had some issues with clicking on things, and using the one key, but other than that was flawless.

Funness 8/10
Was great to play, no boring parts. Only thing that would make it better is interactive objects that do nothing for beating the game anyways., other than just the taps

Replay Yes/No
Maybe. Depends on how good your memory is.

Overall 11/15
Voted 5/5

*This game does contain minor glitches, but they don't affect being able to beat the game .: the score was not affected from these 'glitches'.
-I'm not talking about not being able to pick up items.

ryuuku responds:

Wow! This is a ridiculously THOROUGH review! The most thorough I believe this game has received in it's 1,000,000+ plays across the internet (so far). Thank you so much for taking the time!

There are some really great ideas and suggestions that you've presented. I'm going to ponder over all of them for my next games.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you again!