drugs are fun

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this is a flash movie about furries.foxes in particular.note that this flash is in kinda black and white because of file optimization program i used which wont lower the quality of the flash that much. also,the animation may be kinda limited because this is one of my first animations so go easy production credits the name states jupiterfox.thats jsut another username i use for myself.its all my work.note the background bedroom looks realistic as if it it was a photo ripped.it isnt.it his handrawn.


My ears bleed.

This is not something I'd recommend people. The quality is bad. The artwork needs more work. Sound is just awful. If you'd work just a little bit harder, this wouldn't be so bad.

letsago responds:

thank you.the art quality is actually very high.its just that this program i needed to lower the swv size made it look crappy and in black and white.i gotta upload this thing in color.and yes the sound quality is obviously bad.ill work on that

more work

Well first off, make some more movement of the characters. Instead of making them look like they talk, add more body movement. The sound is a bit loud, not sure if its the same for everyone else but I always keep it at one level and hardly have to mess with it. The voice acting was a bit cruddy, but do fix the mic problem.

letsago responds:

thanks,i really appreciate it.this is actually a pilot of a mini series im making. im a nocive animator and just wanted to see hwo it would fit on newgrounds and see what i could work on.trust me,further episodes will be much higher quality.i dont know if i can fix the mic probelm though.my mike is pretty crappy.


Sound quality is absolutely awful. So is the video quality. Buy a better mic.

On the other hand, it was funny and you made a song.

letsago responds:

okay,i can deal with that.and i gotta get a better mike.but whats specifically bad about the video quality.i wanna know so i can imporve.

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Feb 17, 2010
1:59 PM EST
Comedy - Original