Bubble Arcade

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Join the bubbles from the same color to explode them. You will reach the next level filling bar located on the header of the game. Use the mouse and arrow keys to move and shoot.



not that good
hard to aim
music could be better

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not bad

just that type of game is VERY common but you managed to pull it off quite well

WAY too disorienting with no kind of crosshair.

Making the mouse invisible is not an acceptable design decision. Period. Games like these can call for a lot of precision, and the way the cannon is shaped so short and broad like that it just doesn't provide any acceptable degree of precision as the only metric you're giving us to see where we're aiming. This may have been an effort to make the game challenging, but it's cutting a lot of the strategy out of it in doing that. And you may have thought it was a way to make your Bust-a-Move clone unique with so many other Bust-a-Move clones out there, but you'll get a lot further making a solidly fun game than you will burying it in bad gimmicks like this.

If you're absolutely set on keeping it this way, that cannon seriously needs to be replaced with a longer, narrower object that we can at least use as a frame of reference to aim down.

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never got to the game

the loading screen just stayed there

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The aiming was a little tricky but all in all an awesome Flash rendering of an equally awesome classic

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3.05 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2010
10:18 AM EST
Skill - Collect