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Hi everyone,

Aubital is a mysterious physics-based puzzle game by State of Play. A lonely robot has been freed from slavery by a mysterious friend. Explore the dark to escape and discover what terrible deeds his captors have perpetrated

Trapped in a dark tunnel, the only source of light created by your dwindling power, you must escape 'The Warren'.

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like it

all other said before from other review 9/10

Great game,

i would've stayed longer if it wasn't for the freaky music.
i promise you games aren't meant to force the player to play, its influence + that slow tempo of you talking is freaky dude..

an excellent platformer, realistic physics

rarely in a video game do i find myself in the role of a sentient ball. it was actually very fun. the physics in the game make sense. you have no arms or legs, you can't exactly jump, you have to bounce. for that you need momentum. a very simple concept but it actually made this game very unique. the atmosphere of the game was spot on, and it was part of what made it so enjoyable, and the way the story gets slowly revealed with each level. it was a tad short, and some levels were way easier than others, but overall, a very good game. I will look forward to part 2.

Absolutely horrid controls

The atmosphere of the game is very nice and works very well for the game. I'm reminded of the Penumbra series and Amnesia in a manner when I play this. Everything seems standard and solid... except for the impossible controls. The jumping was like controlling a brick and at times I spent minutes at a simple jump because of how bad the controls are. Fix those up pronto and you'll have a gem here. Otherwise, keep trying bub.


So the game looks cool and the ball look like Samus curled up which is also a plus. The puzzle concept is good but then performance is where everything came apart. The ball is very difficult to control as if he is always on oil. The jumping ability is just horrible and need to be recoded. If you fix the jumping that will make the game worth playing instead of just annoying. Jumping is not responsive thus very inaccurate and destroys the flow of the game. This can be fixed and then you may have a winner.

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2010
6:07 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle