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Snow Wars

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The highly anticipated sequel to Hay Wars puts our heroes in a battle of wits and strength over the coveted Hay Field. Both Nick and Corey lead their groups of ragtag soldiers for the most important fight in this never-ending war. Filmed over a year ago, the footage laid dormant until about mid October of 2009, when Nick decided to dig it out once more to finally animate and complete the movie. After 100+ hours of animation, plus additional time for editing and other things of that nature, FroNickProductions is proud to present "Snow Wars."

You might want to search my other flashes and watch Hay Wars, but it isn't necessary to follow the story.

It is a mixture of flash and video, but like mentioned above there was over 100 hours worth of animation not including the menu, scene selection, and character bios.

The movie is around 8 minutes long, so if you want to go back and watch something make sure to use the scene select!

Please enjoy, vote, and review.

Thanks to:

-Renae for the wonderful programming
-Tom Fulp for giving me the privilege to upload files up to 20 MB
-ByteSlinger for tossing in the ads
-My Mom
-Your Mom
-Stacy's Mom

The rest of the thanks are in the credits ;)



Very funny and enjoyable overall. To say this is an Oscar masterpiece would be a tall order, but it's still a well put and edited movie for everyone to enjoy. The plot is a simple and straightforward, the score was excellent, and the editing was well done. The post-production was very creative for the small budget you must have had.

Again with with my review of the teaser/trailer my concerns about the snow whiting out several scenes were pretty true; if it hadn't been for the subtitles I wouldn't have know who was talking to who. In addition, I found the opening credits to be more annoying than anything. All things considered this is a pretty entertaining piece you have created, and all of you should be proud.

Fro responds:

Thanks, I'll take in the considerations about the opening credits. Perhaps a skip feature next time?

Very helpful thanks.


That was awesome dude! The white balance is a little weird but still, really good and funny. Keep it up :)

Fro responds:

Yeah, sorry about that. Snow and everything lol


sound like star wars blaster sound effects so cool!!!

star wars ...

Fro responds:

I see you enjoy star wars things. :)


The animation was great; it looks like a movie too. I've been waiting for this and now I finally watch something as interesting as this. I loved this and so as Hay Wars, it's a brilliant idea. I enjoyed the sounds and the stuff shown in the movie. It looked very fun if I was doing that, which I won't. I really feel bad for you with the bad reviews but I hope you loved this review!

I wished the movie could be more than 8 minutes, but man this was so good, fived and faved. This was thrilling; I was like "OMFG!" It was so amazing that this should actually be in theaters. Ok, anyway let's talk about something else. The sound effects, the sound effects were very amazing and decent. Also, the characters, the characters were so amazing and their outfits were brilliant as well. The bio idea was one of the best.

Also Kurt was funny. What kind of a person kills his own people??!! But really, that character was cool. Their humors were pretty funny, and everything else were funny. That was cool, did you do it in winter or the background just shows it's Winter? But anyways who cares, I enjoyed you making this a lot, I see you had fun making such a brilliant animation.

When Kurt said he wasn't dead, I heard people laughing. Tell me if that was true or not, oh come on don't be shy! LOL, but the lines for each character was brilliant, the guns were great, the sound effects were yet amazing, and you guys were so amazing for just making this brilliant animation. Was that gun a water gun, because that really looks like a Water Gun. But I don't know, I couldn't see it too much.

I got to go now but bye! I hope you love and enjoy my review!

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Fro responds:

I'll answer some of your questions. ;p

Yes in winter
Watch the Kurt dying scene again and notice the blind guy runs into a tree and that's where you will notice the laughter.

And I do love your review

Good Smoke

While the humor was bland, and the acting was below average, and the editing was near non existent (I heard the camera person actually laugh during a scene).

I'm not sure I understand the physics of the lasers. They appear and cause smoke when they hit things unless it's at the beginning where the guns simply make noise and nothing more?

the smoke effect was decent though, but it really seems like a showcase for mediocre special effects to be tossed into a film that has such a slow pace that even a turtle in a tar pit could keep up. That is, if there was any direction. Now it's no Ren and Stimpy of randomness, but a pee scene? Random useless poorly delivered and overused "I'm not dead yet" joke? Unexplained indistinguishable laser firing devices that fly away?

To help you out, because you obviously put SOME effort into this, write a script, stick to that script, practice the acting, don't fear taking more than one take, and when the whole thing is done, don't publish it, review it, check for errors with a critical eye, go back and fix those errors. THEN and ONLY then publish it.

Also, while it is my own personal opinion, this really doesn't belong on Newgrounds. There's not really any animated content. I've seen way more talented things get criticized for an overuse of simple tween animations and non animated video content.

You did do well with plagiarized sound effects and music though, it kind of helped to create a mood. Also fairly decent menu, and again, pretty decent smoke effect. Sadly, that's only 4 positives tossed in a giant heap of negatives.

Fro responds:

You are absolutely right in some aspects of your reviews, but completely ignorant in other parts.

I'll just comment right down through your review.

The camera man wasn't laughing. If you can use your eyes and your ears properly you would have seen the blind guy run into a tree in the background, fall over, etc.. and they laughed at him. You thought the laugh came from behind the camera? Odd.

Their were lasers at the beginning. Again, eyes are a good thing to use.

How is the I'm not dead joke overused if it was used once. That's just dumb.

The randomness is where you caught on though. There was a very good script made for this, but if you can read in the credits, again a good place where elementary skills and using your eyes comes in handy, then you would have noticed that we had half the time to create this because the one actor got his car stuck in the snow before hand. The droids replaced some snowmen that we were going to create (hence why he stole the guns and put them in the snowmen to shoot), but it didn't show up on film so we had to animate some droids in there. Good catch, but the scenes make more sense if that was common knowledge.

How can you say there isn't any animated content? You have proved with your review that you are at average human IQ. You know those lasers aren't there. You know those robots aren't there. You know that smoke wasn't there. You know that explosion wasn't there. ANIMATION. Good job, hopefully you learned something you should have already known.

Songs weren't plagiarized. They were created by a user here on newgrounds, but for some reason when I put the credits in it gives me an error. Also, if you can read (it's hard, you've proved it already) you can tell that the other songs were royalty free, so they aren't plagiarized.

I can tell you were giving effort on your review so I give it a 3/10!

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