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Ski Maniacs

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Skis are all around us at the moment. Here's what the Ski Maniacs are doing.

6 characters, 12 levels, loads of achievements!

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Clunkier than Cyclomaniacs, also desperately needs a keyboard button to restart a race

i think there should be a skate maniacs because of the sucess of these games

Holy shit, there's an entry in the cyclomaniacs series I knew nothing about! What a shame, what a waste of my devotion!

Anyway, the mechanics are clearly different than in the cycling series. In fact, I dare say the characters are harder to control, since there's no going backwards or any real braking and jumping requires timing. And that's a good thing, it means great challenges can be set without having to resort to very convoluted level design. I also enjoyed it just for being different, but it's more than that, it's actually really enjoyable in itself.

The selection of characters is a bit underwhelming. This does not have to do with being able to combine every rider with every pair of skis, that was in fact a master stroke. What I'm on about is that these guys are a clear line up, number 6 is the fastest, and ones you have him, you're not going to use any other character. The first one I unlocked was number four, so I only ever needed three of the characters. In the rest of the series, the riders are more about being different from eachother, with different specializations, than about being better than eachother. A potential part 2/part epic could use the same upgrade system the cycling etries use, or something similar, to still give the same idea of progress, without limiting the player to just one character being useful at any point in the game.

Anyway, all of that is mechanics, and I'm now judging an older game on the basis that it didn't have the same stuff later ones have yet, so I'll move on. The final harsh complaint I have is that boost here is much easier to earn by posing than by looping, while looping brings the risk of crashing with it, and posing doesn't. That last one is a good thing, I crash more than enough this way, but I'd expect the loop to be worth more boost.

All in al though, the game is very entertaining, and a very worthy entry into the anals of the cyclomaniacs. Ski on, and have a medal from the Haddock. I'm off to play Gregmaniacs. More, more sequels I didn't know about!

Trippy game and entertaining

Now here is a fun and trippy game, the "CONTROLLS" were confusing but as soon as i figured out that it got fun and even "ADDICTIVE" the graphics are superb and i give an A+ for that, the animation was smooth and right on so props to you on this one, as to things to fix or improve? i think its fine as is.

Nothing really to improve on this or make it a better game. maybe easier controls to understand but it was pretty understanding after a few trys.


Nice in every ways

Fun to play, a lot of missions, items, characters.

Upgraded standard skiing game.

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4.34 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2010
9:18 AM EST