IMP episode 30

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Well, I took a 2 week break from animating, so of course I..animated..
Tough it's very cheaply animated with lot's of cheating so there.
So this won't get my any prizes for best animation ever, ot that I ever came close to that anyway.
Still, feel free to complain about! :)

Wanted to make a valentine themed IMP episode, tough I missed the deadline again, ah well.
Soap opera this time, so lot's of plot twists, everyone acting nasty, and lot's of shameless reasons to take of everyone's shirt.

I kept the opening from my original IMP 30 script involving Bush and Blair tough, since I wanted that scene to be over with before I get even more outdated and even Brown and Obama are gone again.

Yeah, German title, it's based on a famous opera title, this being soap opera themed. Seife is soap in German.

And yeah.. New IMP season, short intro this time, and the episodes will be shorter too. Plus new redesigns, with Zody and Hentaiboy resembling their own original characters more, me getting the ring beard to tie in with evil doc more and Henrik being more based on the typical cool laid back anime archetype characters.

I still have to get used drawing the new style tough, so it's a mess here.
Thanks to the IMP voice acting group, and special thanks to Zody for animating the little side joke at the end too.



Random and bad animation. Oddly that's what makes your videos so dang enjoyable. Keep it up.

this is the most stupid animation i ever seen

and i love it :D

HOW COULD YOU?????????

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Not Bad!!!!

I read your the 29th episode comments and I was thinking about what the future installment of IMP was going to be, I am glad its back. I wonder what Bush and Blair are going to do to get back into the white house, and will we see more sences with john getting killed in them, and finally Will we see the evil Santa clase come back?

IKeep up the great work.


Ah, the return of the IMP. Got a bit scared when John took his shirt off... Who could have known that he had abs too? And to make even more drama, did he ever finish the plumbing? For each episode, I have always wondered, what on earth could be so special about John so that he could stay in the group, but I think I know now: He's simply immortal.

What? IMP with a new design??? How could you? *runs off into the rain*
Anyone else feeling like déjà vu?

Anywho, I like the new style, with Roger looking like a bit of a bad guy (but sucks at actually being it), Henrik looking a bit Elvis-like. In general, it's pretty neat.

Like pearls on a string, so is IMP, and there's more than 30 on this string.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

I suppose John stays because he's easy to trick into doing the nasty chores.. in fact, you don't even have to trick him.
Roger only acts evil in this episode to fit in the Soap archetypes, so in the future he'll be without personality or anything interesting to do as usual. Hooray.

Glad you liked it.


Funny. its a great way to compare how bush ran this country. and how obama took over. keep up the good work. cant wait for the next one

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Feb 16, 2010
1:20 AM EST
Comedy - Parody

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