Walking Worm Ep1

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This is just the intro, and I apologize to you guys that want more. This is going to be done episode style, so consider this episode one. All criticism (good, bad, ugly, useful) will be appreciated. Suggestions encouraged. Help will be credited.
I have a script so if anyone wants to get involved contact me and I will explain the story more (Spoiler). Thanks.

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Okay... Not bad

It was really interesting, the story was good and the way it was presented was ok, but the animation and color could be a little better though. Maybe adding shadows might do it some good?

artblack01 responds:

Yeah, I agree, I think I rushed into this too. I need to make the animation more fluid and I should have checked my colors from scene to scene.

i am interested very interested

with a lkittle work you just mioght have somthing


it really has been done thousands of time why do we need more zombie mpvies

artblack01 responds:

I wrote this a while ago. It's not gonna be just another zombie movie, it's gonna have monsters and the zombies will be different.

Good and Bad

The voices were overpowered by the SFX. The art was done well until the character had a close-up. It almost looked like it was done in MS Paint.

I thought it was a little sadistically funny.


artblack01 responds:

All done in flash, but I should have done more detail on the face when I did the close up (just zoomed it), thanks for the input.


hey this is actually pretty good! few points though, the rain looks kinda really funny when it comes down in blue worms, the sound of the wind sometimes overstems the character in the first part and the animation could be more fluent, but overall i must say that i'mm looking to what happens in the next one!!

artblack01 responds:

Thanks, I'll fix it, I think I've been rushing it.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2010
7:43 PM EST