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Death Maze

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A 3 level maze where you have to get to the finish without touching the sides.
This is my first post on Newgrounds and my first flash game. Please review and comment. I worked very hard on this because Flash was so new to me. Hope you like it! :D

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its fun

its really really really fun

its a start

its decent, a little easy but i had fun playing it

keep a few things in mind

1.it can always be harder
3. mouse games a little twist to be interesting, like a treasure that makes a big cursor or unlocks doors or somethin
4.add no cheating codes
for these things -4

on the bright side...

1. great music from tetris'd
2.good start
3. nice title artwork for text
4.last level had potential, work off that and may have a vote 5er
5.leaving a large open starting zone is smart so i can move mouse back after a tough one
6. lastly, it was a good first try, and ill give you credit for it

ok i gues

its ok i gues but i was expecting something to jump at u at the end like the scary maze game

Oh Noes!!!!

You killed a fantastic song by putting it into this game!!!!! This game... you put a lot of work into it? It took my like thirty seconds to beat without right clicking? Hard work? Hard work!? I think you really need to work on this. And this is a tetris song?

there are ways...

to make sure people don't cheat, because you asking the will not make it fun, nor will anyone obey you. there are other things you can do to make uncheatalbe. in As2, you can add:
if (Key.isDown(2)) {
or something like that that will keep people from right-clicking.

Also, mouse games are kind of dead. There have been so many games like this, and I applaud you for doing this on your very first try.

But nonetheless, it sholud have been a little more fun and exciting for me to enjoy it, but great attempt.

4/10 and 2/5.

Hope this helped.

1234ummm6 responds:

Thank you for that code... If I make another one I will use it and not put "don't cheat" :D