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Play as evil cupid shooting apart hearts, then play as good cupid sealing up the broken hearts.

Controls: mouse with wasd or arrows

Press m to mute, p to pause.


Interesting game

It was an interesting game. I like the two part of this game.

Trying to make a combo is quite rough! Heart didn't fall fast enough and your gun didn't shoot fast enough either for the little time you had between each shot of your combos. Also It feel nice playing it until level 8 where it seems that the difficulty increase a LOT! I could barely shoot half of the heart. But it's the last level so I guess it's ok to be extra hard.

I liked the fact that you actually had to shoot right in two the hearts and not just blow them up or something. And the diffenrent size put a good challenge in the game!

Anyway I enjoy myself plyaing this game, so Good Job !

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Interesting :)

Interesting proposition for Valentine's Day.
The only thing I would do different here is to make the numbers of hearts to combine together equal to the number that has been broken in a level.

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ok game

sadly just a bit to repetitive but something a bit diffrent

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Great Game For VD...

Good Game was made well and overall a great and creative project.

Very nice

I thought this little game was splendid for a Valentine's Day game. Even if it may be late, it's still worth my 9. The little dialogue at the tutorial gave me warm n' fuzzy's for some odd apparent reason.

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Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2010
12:37 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional